Podcast Review: 1951 Down Place

1951 down place

A trip to an address that I am not extremely familiar with!

1951 Down Place

The Gist

1951 Down Place is a Hammer themed podcast. Each episode consists of a review/discussion of a Hammer movie and feedback from listeners. 1951 Down Place releases a new episode every month and has been around for around a year and a half. The hosts of each hour and forty five minute to two hour episode are Casey Criswell, Derek Koch, and Scott Morris.

Episodes Listened To

#15: X: The Unknown
#16: The Plague Of The Zombies
#17: The Brides Of Dracula

My Thoughts

I have admitted in the past that I haven’t seen a whole lot from Hammer. I know that is a sin coming from a horror buff, but to be honest the works of Hammer have never been a top priority for me. The funny thing is that I loved The Woman In Black, kind of liked Let Me In, and I’m pretty sure that I would dig a lot of Hammer’s older titles. There will come a day when I will make watching some of Hammer’s older movies a priority, and I look forward to that day. But, that day is not here yet, and that left me at a loss for a heck of a lot to say about 1951 Down Place.

I appreciated the devotion that all three hosts showed towards the subject of their podcast. I could tell in every second of the episodes I listened to that these three gentlemen loved Hammer with every fiber of their beings. I like that kind of devotion, but I also appreciated their candor. Casey Criswell, Scott Morris, and Derek Koch weren’t afraid to call out a Hammer movie for not being good, or up to snuff. I was familiar with Mr. Criswell from one of my favorite horror related podcasts, Bloody Good Horror, and I found that he brought the same knowledge of the films being discussed and honesty to 1951 Down Place as he did to Bloody Good Horror. I’m not familiar with Misters Koch and Morris outside of this podcast, but I appreciated their insights and candor just as much as I did that of Mr. Criswell.

All of my kind words are leading up to one giant but. As much as I appreciated 1951 Down Place it’s not a podcast that interests me at this point in time. Anyone who is a fan of Hammer should definitely check out 1951 Down Place, it’s a great podcast for fans of that production studio. I, however, am not at this point in my film watching life a huge fan of Hammer. With that being the case I found myself detached from the discussions on the podcast. They weren’t bad discussions mind you, but when I haven’t explored the works being discussed it leads to a certain level of detachment.

My vote is to unsubscribe from 1951 Down Place. That, however, is a vote from someone who is not immersed in the world of Hammer. If you are a fan of Hammer then by all means subscribe to 1951 Down Place. It’s a podcast that you will enjoy, as it lovingly brings insight to a topic dear to your heart. I’m not watching Hammer yet, but maybe one day when I do start watching more Hammer films I will revisit 1951 Down Place.

The Bottom Line



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