Podcast Review: The Film Podcast

the film podcast

A list here, a list there, everywhere a list!

The Film Podcast

The Gist

Around for a little over a year, The Film Podcast, sometimes known as The List Film Podcast, is hosted by Ricardo Ultreras, Jenny Coyle, Adam Scott and Kevin Zuberbier. The premise of the podcast is that every week the hosts gather to provide top five lists based on a random film topic. Each episode, clocking in around an hour and a half, also features a short what we’ve been watching segment.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Favorite Films Of 2012
#Unknown: Survival Films (Man Vs. Wild)
#Unknown: Drug Films

My Thoughts

I wasn’t sure what to think about The Film Podcast at first. I was struggling with the film sensibilities of the host. At times they felt far too mainstream, but then they would go into a discussion of a film, like The Survivors for instance, that I wouldn’t exactly consider mainstream. I also found myself disagreeing with the majority of what the hosts were saying. Opinions are opinions, those who know me know that I firmly believe that all opinions are valid when it comes to the world of cinema. However, I like to agree with the hosts on some level, and almost across the board I found myself disagreeing with the hosts of The Film Podcast.

A major hurdle for me to overcome was how heavily the hosts seemed to focus on award shows. Quite often they would talk about whether or not a film was worthy of award considerations, The Oscars, to be more specific. I don’t care much for awards, and I certainly don’t care about what was nominated, what was snubbed, and so forth. That approach to discussing film tends to leave me cold, and its inclusion in The Film Podcast was no exception. It’s cool that they care so much about The Oscars, but as someone who doesn’t care one iota about that award show it does create some distance every time they bring the topic up.

I never lost interest in The Film Podcast. I struggled with all the award show talk and the clashing of our sensibilities. But, the podcast managed to keep my interest throughout. The reason for that being that the hosts aren’t only genial folk, they are also a collection of individuals who have an impressive knowledge of film. They exist in the great middle category, where they know an above average amount about the world of cinema, but they aren’t snobbish with said knowledge. I enjoyed listening to them discuss film, and I enjoyed the tangents that their attempts to drop knowledge would take them on. Good discussion and a decent knowledge base don’t come around all that often in the world of film related podcasts, but The Film Podcast manages to make it happen.

I opened my thoughts on The Film Podcast saying how I wasn’t sure what to think about The Film Podcast at first. Having taken some time to think about the podcast and having gone through the process of writing this review I now have a firmer understanding of my feelings on The Film Podcast. A while ago Adam Sherlock, one of the co-hosts of A Damn Movie Podcast, said that he felt it was a great compliment for me to say how much I loved his podcast despite the fact that I often disagreed with the hosts opinions. I can only echo those thoughts when it comes to The Film Podcast. I may disagree with the majority of the hosts opinions, but I did really enjoy the laid back and easy going discussions they engaged in. I could do without all the award show talk, but that’s a personal bias. I say that people should subscribe to The Film Podcast, they’ll get friendly hosts and quality film discussion out of the process and that’s all any cinephile should ever want.

The Bottom Line



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