Podcast Review: Proudly Resents

proudly resents

I’m not sure whether to resent my experience or be proud that I endured!

Proudly Resents

The Gist

Hosted by Adam Spiegelman, Proudly Resents has been around for about a year. Episodes usually clock in around a half an hour to forty five minutes. There’s no true format to the show, sometimes specific movies are discussed, film issues are discussed, or a guest is on for an interview or to do a comedy bit.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: How To Host A Film Fest At Home
#Unknown: Georgie George Handicaps The Oscars
#Unknown: Chet And The Oscars

My Thoughts

I don’t have much to say about Proudly Resents. The episodes I listened to lacked any true substance to them. I also had issues with the non-format of the show and how that made it a struggle to become invested in any of the discussions or the comedic bits. Maybe I simply happened upon three oddball episodes of Proudly Resents, but I came away not enjoying the ramshackle presentation that was the three episodes I listened to. I don’t need a podcast to be formatted so much that it lacks any ingenuity, but I do like when a podcast has some kind of format or structure that can help guide me through a given episode.

I came away less than impressed with Proudly Resents, but it’s not like I hated the podcast. I think that Adam Spiegelman, and his various guests, are trying for a show that features off the wall conversations and comedic bits. I can appreciate that approach, even if it didn’t do much for me. I wanted more from the podcast, because truth be told what Proudly Resents gave me failed to keep my interest. If anything I would say that Proudly Resents is an interesting experiment, but ultimately an experiment that failed to draw me in and keep me around past the three episodes I listened to for the review.

Obviously my vote is to unsubscribe from Proudly Resents. I say that with no malice, I simply did not connect in any way with whatever Mr. Spiegelman was going for with Proudly Resents. Mileage may vary for others, but with my interest not piqued, and the episodes failing to draw me in I came away with nothing but milquetoast feelings towards Proudly Resents. Others may feel differently, such is the way with podcasts, but in a large ocean of film related podcasts I didn’t hear any reason to keep making time for Proudly Resents.

The Bottom Line



2 responses to “Podcast Review: Proudly Resents

  1. Listen to the episodes with Nicko in the title. Those are the funniest. Also the Road House episode is good.

  2. Maybe someday I’ll give those a listen, but I gave the podcast a try with the three episodes I listened to, and it didn’t click with me.

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