Postulating & Pontificating: Instant Action!

the gentlemen's blog to midnite cinema

I be writing in all kinds of places these days!

This is going to be a quick edition of Postulating & Pontificating. Basically, I just want to let everyone know that I’m now writing for yet another blog. I know, I know, I’m always complaining about not having enough time to write. True though that may be, I do love to write when I get the chance. In the past year I’ve also developed an affinity for writing for different venues than just this blog. It helps me get the word out about this blog and to reach a wider audience with my writing in general. I’ll still be posting reviews at Bill’s Movie Emporium, and Wide World Of Horror reviews every other week, usually Wednesday’s, at Sound On Sight. But, I wanted to branch out some more and the column idea I had was a perfect fit for the blog I hooked up with. Bill’s Movie Emporium is still my home, and my main avenue for writing about movies, but a little diversity never hurt anyone.

I love action movies, from the trashiest to the most artistic. But, more often than not I don’t write about action movies for this blog. There’s no reason for why I don’t write about action movies, but I have noticed over time a decided lack of action love at Bill’s Movie Emporium. I felt the need to rectify that, and I knew that joining up with a blog that has a lot of dedicated action content would help me to broaden my action horizons so to speak. Action films will stay have a place on this blog, but they will be highlighted more on the new blog.

I decided to approach The Gentlemen’s Blog To Midnite Cinema about writing my action column. They said yes, and thus I will be posting a review of an action film to their blog on a sporadic Saturday schedule. The catch is that the column is called Instant Action, and that means I’m only choosing from movies that are available to stream. I posted my first review the other day, Beverly Hills Cop. This time out I had my wife choose a random number and that’s the film I reviewed from my Netflix instant queue. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with that format week in and week out, but no matter what I’ll always be reviewing an action movie that is streaming online. If you feel the hankering, head over to The Gentlemen’s Blog To Midnite Cinema on Saturday’s to check out my new column, your patronage is most appreciated.


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