Podcast Review: The Film List

the film list a film tv podcast

Another film related podcast about lists, well, sort of!

The Film List

The Gist

Heath Solo is the lone host of The Film List, although he is usually joined by a guest host for every episode. The episodes I listened to came out on a somewhat monthly basis, and ranged from a little over an hour to two and a half hours in length. The premise of the show is that every time out, or most of the time at least, the host and guest hosts will discuss lists based on the world of film and television. Listener submitted lists are also regularly read during the podcast. The Film List has been around since around 2010.

Episodes Listened To

#6.21: Heath Solo Top 100 Fave Films: 13, 12, 11
#6.22: 2013 Oscar Preview
#6.23: Heath And Axel TV

My Thoughts

While I am a fan of television, I’m not a huge follower of television. I watch a few shows, and have a lot of old favorites. However, I don’t generally listen to much in the way of television related podcasts. I simply do not have enough time to squeeze in a lot of television based podcasts in-between all of the film related podcasts I listen to. There are of course a few exceptions, but for the most part those are podcasts focused on a specific show I am digging the heck out of at the present time. With those thoughts being known, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that the television portion of The Film List left me cold. There wasn’t a thing wrong with any of the opinions offered about television by any of the hosts. Nor were there an structural or actual problems with the television discussion. However, the television based discussions did not interest me and that made those portions of The Film List a bit of a chore to get through.

The film based discussion was perfectly fine, I guess. To be honest the film discussion found on The Film List didn’t really engage me either. There’s nothing I can truly put my finger on, but while listening to any of the three episodes I often found my attention waning. My mind would wander and I would look to see what the next podcast was in my queue or switch to some music, and so on. Again, there weren’t any actual problems with the film discussions found in The Film List, they simply did not interest me. When it comes to listening to a podcast it is a must that said podcast holds my interest. The Film List was completely incapable of holding my interest, and that was a major strike against the podcast.

I hope the above paragraphs don’t sound that harsh. I don’t come away from The Film List with harsh feelings or anything of that sort. However, the podcast did fail to grab my interest and that is a big no-no for any podcasts I listen to on a long term basis. Heath Solo seemed like a nice enough fellow and I do wish him all the luck in the future with The Film List. I wasn’t interested in The Film List, it’s not of a low quality but it never clicked with me in a way that engaged me. My vote is to unsubscribe from The Film List.

The Bottom Line



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