Podcast Review: Shadow Company

shadow company

A podcast hosted by a bunch of Chicago cops, this could end badly for me!

Shadow Company

The Gist

John Matrix is the lone regular host of Shadow Company, but he is joined every week by a different guest host. The episodes are usually around an hour, although sometimes they reach more towards upwards of an hour and a half. The premise of Shadow Company is that on a somewhat weekly basis a couple of Chicago police officers get together to talk movies, and a lot of random topics. With that being the case there is no real structure to Shadow Company, other than random discussion. Shadow Company has been around since late 2012.

Episodes Listened To

#20: Volley Ball In Blue Jeans
#21: Pork Chop Expressionism
#22: The Return Of Shadow Company

My Thoughts

I’ll say this much, I didn’t have any actual problems with Shadow Company. I know that sounds like damning praise, but in actuality it’s a simple recognition that not one aspect of Shadow Company annoyed, offended, or upset me. John Matrix, and the various guest hosts, engage in lively discussions about film and the greater world around them. The problem I had came in my inability to connect with Shadow Company simply due to the gap between what the hosts talked about and my interest in what they were talking about.

The conversations about the greater world around the hosts weren’t really for me. I’m not a police officer, so the conversations about police related matters didn’t do much for me. I also have limited time to listen to podcasts, and a focal point of my podcast experience is to limit my listening to film and comedy based podcasts. In that regard Shadow Company didn’t do a whole lot for me. The film talk on the podcast was secondary to the talk about any other topics broached. That being said, I understand what the intent of Shadow Company is and why their approach works for their intended audience. The hosts stated multiple times that they envision Shadow Company as a podcast for fellow police officers. As I am not a fellow police officer it would make sense that there was a bit of a gap between the intentions of the show and how those intentions effected me.

The actual film talk on Shadow Company also wasn’t for me. The approach taken by Mr. Matrix, and his guest hosts, was more of a man’s man approach. I appreciate said approach, but I found the scope of their film conversation to be limited. Most of their discussions focused on modern film, specifically American modern film. I like a broader and all encompassing approach in my film talk. This isn’t a true negative against the podcast however, it is only appropriate that the hosts discuss the films that they most want to talk about. The hosts do as such and they very clearly have a fun time in their discussions, but the film discussion was too limited for my liking.

I don’t want people thinking Shadow Company is a terrible podcast. Shadow Company is aimed a specific audience with certain tastes in film and discussion. I am not a member of that audience and this Shadow Company didn’t engage me as it possibly will others. Some of my readers may stumble upon Shadow Company and I have no doubt that some will enjoy it. I enjoyed the friendliness of Mr. Matrix and company, as well as their frank and open nature. At the end of the day I didn’t get as much out of the discussions as I look for in a film related podcast, and that’s why I’m unsubscribing from Shadow Company.

The Bottom Line



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