Podcast Review: CinemaJaw


I was told I had an iron jaw when I used to fight, I wonder how that compares to a cinema one?


The Gist

Matt Kubinski and Ry the Movie Guy are the hosts of the released on a weekly basis CinemaJaw. Each episode is usually around an hour to an hour and a half, and most of the time the hosts are joined by a guest host of some sort. The podcast is structured a lot like morning talk radio, with fast segments and lots of sound effects. Some of the segments include the hosts debating a movie/issue where each host has been forced to take an opposing side, a top five list based on some film topic, reviews of new releases and recent watches, as well as other small segments. CinemaJaw has been around for a few years now, and is actually based out of my stomping grounds, Chicago.

Episodes Listened To

#142: In Depth: Ben Affleck
#143: Superhero Love Interestes
#144: Dysfunctional Film Families

My Thoughts

I liked a great majority of CinemaJaw. The hosts seemed like nice guys, and although our sensibilities often clashed they presented their opinions in a way that I respected. I didn’t have any problems with the subject matter covered, or the various topics. I enjoyed the discussions broached by the podcast, but this is where the podcast and I begin to part ways. The discussions I look for in my film related podcasts are deeper than those presented in CinemaJaw. This isn’t a true criticism of the podcast, because to be honest I can’t fault the hosts for presenting the discussion aesthetic they are most comfortable with. I simply wanted more, and CinemaJaw wasn’t going to give me more because it’s structure doesn’t allow for much in the way of deep discussion.

For those who have been reading along with these podcast reviews, a red warning sign should have popped into your head when I described CinemaJaw as being structured like morning talk radio. That format, with the fast moving topics, the sound effects, and the breezy discussion isn’t for me. I’ll give CinemaJaw this much, by no means did I find their morning radio approach as mind numbing as say, The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast. The hosts never stoop to dumbing down the podcast for any reason. Because of that, and the general good nature of said hosts I wasn’t as put off by the morning talk format as I usually am. Don’t get me wrong, the morning talk radio structure still helped to turn me away from the podcast, but not in a “oh my Odin, this is freaking terrible,” sort of way.

The hosts, Matt Kubinski and Ry the Movie Guy, do get along great and have terrific chemistry with one another. Listening to the podcast one gets the sense that these two guys like one another and feed off of one another to create a welcoming atmosphere for the listener. This also helped me to embrace the morning talk radio approach more than I usually would. It’s tough to say how knowledgeable either fellow is about film, but that’s not because they ever seem to lack knowledge. Rather, the fast moving nature of the podcast doesn’t really allow for them to flex their film muscles, so to speak. Still, it’s clear they love film, and love talking about movies, and those aspects of the podcast should be infectious for those who can get past the issues I had with CinemaJaw.

For a while I thought I might actually end up subscribing to CinemaJaw. Alas, my vote is to unsubscribe, but that’s not a harsh unsubscribe. The structure of the podcast did not mesh with me, on an aesthetic level the podcast and I were on different planes. What didn’t work for me about CinemaJaw will no doubt work for others, and I do hope that this review does allow some of those people to seek out and discover CinemaJaw. The morning talk radio aesthetic and my sensibilities are never going to get along, but that doesn’t stop CinemaJaw from being a pretty decent podcast that a good number of film buffs will probably enjoy.

The Bottom Line



4 responses to “Podcast Review: CinemaJaw

  1. Sounds interesting, and with an episode called Superhero Love Interests, I might just have to check it out. And another Chicago-ite. Another Chicago-based podcast you might enjoy is called Alcohollywood. While it is centered around a drinking game, the hosts do get into some pretty deep film discussion and mix up episodes between really bad campy ones perfect for a drinking game, and really good movies.

  2. CinemaJaw is the type of podcast that a lot of people will like, it came very close to being a podcast I kept listening to. I’ll have to add Alcohollywood to my long list of potential podcasts.

  3. I actually listened to a couple episodes of Cinemajaw and I feel about the same way as you, but for different reasons. For me, I was put off on the morning radio talk show sound effects. Even though they were mainly few and far between, they were noticeably louder than the conversation and were rather jarring. I also was a little put off by the branding, and by that I mean calling so many things relating to the podcast something with “jaw” in it, the “jawbox”, fans are “jawheads” and so on. What I did like was the light and breezy, fast paced conversations between two people (or three as I think both of my eps had a guest) who get along well with each other.

  4. What you liked is definitely what I liked as well. But, as you say, the morning talk show elements are very off putting, and ultimately why I was never able to connect with the podcast.

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