This Week In Cinema: May 26-June 01, 2013

the days god slept

If there is a god, it would make sense that he was asleep behind the wheel!

Only three movies this week, but that’s better than last week,

Sherlock Holmes (2009, Guy Ritchie, Germany/United States Of America) **1/2

As rote of an action film as one could hope to come across. The standard action fare is at times chopped up by the chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, as well as the ramping of the camera by Guy Ritchie. I enjoyed the chemistry between Misters Downey Jr. and Law, that is truly the element that made Sherlock Holmes worth watching. The ramping of the camera by Mr,. Ritchie left a lot to be desired. There were a few times where the British director would employ framing that I enjoyed, but his only real directorial flourish was the ramping which I felt detracted from the flow of the film. The rest of Sherlock Holmes is a stock Hollywood action film, with mediocre effects, shallow supporting characters, and a screenplay that was obvious from the word go.

Mickey Mouse In Vietnam (1968, Lee Savage, United States Of America) ***

A film that makes it point quickly and exists stage left once its point is made. I can appreciate that approach in a political cartoon, and I appreciated it in Mickey Mouse In Vietnam. The animation is shoddy, but quality animation isn’t exactly something the film is aiming for. Nope, Mickey Mouse In Vietnam is all about the moment when mouse meets bullet. That single moments makes a solid argument against the Vietnam War, and it does so succinctly and culturally. Mickey Mouse In Vietnam is only a minute long, but that’s just how long it needs to be to deliver its message and make it’s startling point.

The Days God Slept (2013, Jeremiah Kipp, United States Of America) ***

The Days God Slept is a very slickly made film, I actually found it a tad too slick. There were some sequences in the short that I wanted to be grimier, but throughout the film a very slick tone was maintained. It didn’t hurt the film a heck of a lot, but still, when the film is trying to get dirty I would have liked it if the production values were dirtier themselves. What engaged me the most about The Days God Slept was how the script, and the direction, flirted back and forth between the strip club and the park. The bending of reality was well handled, and intrigued me as a viewer, because for me it moved beyond simple bending of reality. The truth is that the film is about the questions we ask, but it’s also about what we expect people to reveal of themselves. Because she’s half naked at the strip club the male patrons assume that Kristy has nothing more to reveal, and in the park when she is bundled up she is clearly hiding something. The Days God Slept moved at a brisk pace, gave me something to think about, and entertained me.


A couple of good movies this week, but overall not the best week for movies. Still, Mickey Mouse In Vietnam and The Days God Slept are both decent films. The Days God Slept takes home movie of the week honors. Until next week, watch more movies!


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