This Week In Cinema: June 02-08, 2013

life of pi

I have a feeling that if I were stuck on a boat with a tiger it would take said tiger about two minutes to rip me to shreds and enjoy me for dinner!

Only one movie this week,

Life Of Pi (2012, Ang Lee, Taiwan/United States Of America) **1/2

The question of faith, god, and religion withers to nothingness thanks to interludes and bad CG. The largest problem with Life Of Pi is the horrendous CG that is every animal in the film that isn’t Richard Parker. The fact that the story is a fantasy meant that I was willing to forgive all of the animal and biological inaccuracies of the film. However, I wasn’t able to forgive some truly horrendous CG in the form of a clearly fake zebra jumping onto a boat, or a hyena that looks like a computer animation. I also wasn’t able to forgive the interludes with an older Pi that undermine the fantasy tale in every way. By spelling everything out as he does and laying clear the story of the film as well as its intentions, the monologues from present day Pi greatly damage the film. There are instances where Life Of Pi looks tremendous, but the instances of stunning visuals can’t overcome bad CG and a lackluster story.


On occasion, due to a number of reasons, even an unworthy film can be the best in a week. Life Of Pi isn’t a good film, but it manages to take home movie of the week honors by default. Until next week, watch more movies!


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