Podcast Review: Triple J: Marc Fennell

triple j: marc fennell

Bite sized reviews with bite sized critiques!

Triple J: Marc Fennell

The Gist

Marc Fennell is an Australian movie critic, and he is the sole host of Triple J: Marc Fennell. Every week a new, about two and a half minute long, episode is released of the podcast. New releases are the spotlight of the podcast, as every episode features one very quick, and very short, review of a new release as provided by Mr. Fennell. Triple J: Marc Fennell is a member of the Triple J network of podcasts, and I believe that Triple J: Marc Fennell has been around for a couple of years now.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Warm Bodies
#Unknown: Olympus Has Fallen
#Unknown: Iron Man 3

My Thoughts

Right off the bat Triple J: Marc Fennell has a major hurdle to clear when it comes to turning me into a repeat listener. As I have stated many times in the past, I’m not a huge new release cinephile. I like new releases, I do watch them from time to time, but they don’t make up a significant portion of the films I choose to seek out and watch on a consistent basis. Seeing as Triple J: Marc Fennell only covers new releases, that left me with not a heck of a lot of reasons to become engaged with the content of the podcast.

The length of the episodes were another detriment to my interest in Triple J: Marc Fennell. There were a few times where Mr. Fennell would say something that interested me. But, he would quickly move on to the next rapid fire comment he had to make. I’m not interested in rapid fire film discussion, I’m keenly in the camp of seeking out and enjoying the deep cuts when it comes to the film related podcasts I choose to spend my time with. I can see some people enjoying the approach taken by Triple J: Marc Fennell, but it is by no means an approach that appeals to my film discussion sensibilities.

There’s not much else for me to say about Triple J: Marc Fennell. It’s not a terrible, or even a bad podcast, but it’s not a podcast that I can engage with as a listener. It all comes down to taste and what one looks for in a film discussion. Triple J: Marc Fennell does not provide what I look for in the film discussions I seek out, and that’s why my vote is to unsubscribe from the podcast.

The Bottom Line



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