Podcast Review: Midnight Spookshow

midnight spookshow

I’m into spooky shows, but let’s face it, I’m old, and I’m almost always in bed before midnight!

Midnight Spookshow

The Gist

Around since 2010, every week Midnight Spookshow releases an episode that clocks in anywhere from an hour to nearly two hours. Midnight Spookshow takes a round table approach to hosting and as such the collection of hosts on the podcast consist of, but aren’t limited to, Zack Daggy, Tim Kretschmann, JC Ciesielski, Autumn Dies, Mike Exler, and Drew Seidler. The format of the show is that of horror discussion, as each week the hosts will discuss various horror movies that they have watched heading into that week’s episode. The podcast is a member of the Spookshow.tv family of podcasts.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Uncomfortable Pig Hugging
#Unknown: Lords Of Boston
#Unknown: Huge Inbred Mosquitoes Slam Zack’s Ass

My Thoughts

Production values can, at times, mean the world when it comes to whether or not I will jive with a podcast. It’s not just whether or not a podcast sounds good, it’s also how a podcast uses their sound board. In the case of Midnight Spookshow the podcast was a double whammy of what I do not like in the podcasts I listen to. For me, production values can make or break a podcast, and they certainly broke Midnight Spookshow.

The sound was often muffled and certain hosts were very hard to understand most of the time. Autumn Dies may have great thoughts on horror, but either her connection was terrible or she was using a terrible sounding microphone because I could almost never make out what she was saying. Obviously this presents a problem when I am listening to a podcast with the hopes of hearing what the hosts have to say. It wasn’t just Miss Dies, other hosts would cut in and out and overall the sound problems of Midnight Spookshow made listening to the podcast a draining experience.

The way the host used the sound board was also a problem for me. I was already having trouble hearing some of the hosts, and the constant pounding out of effects from the sound board didn’t help matters. Truth be told, most of them were really annoying on their own terms. I know I’ve harped on this before, but a sound board reminds me too much of morning talk radio, and I hate morning talk radio. However, in the case of Midnight Spookshow the use of the sound board went beyond just being annoying. On too many occasions the effects would play over what a host speaking so that I couldn’t make out what said host was saying.

There were times when I was digging Midnight Spookshow. I thought their discussion of Lords Of Salem and the new Maniac were both interesting. Or, at least I found those discussions interesting when I could hear them. I can’t really say a lot about the discussions that took place on Midnight Spookshow because of how often I had to strain to hear what was being said. The horror discussions on Midnight Spookshow could be great for all I know, but the fact is that I don’t know due to the subpar production values. The horror fan in me is willing to revisit Midnight Spookshow at some point in the future to see if the production values have improved. For the time being my vote is to unsubscribe from Midnight Spookshow.

The Bottom Line



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