Podcast Review: The MacGuffin

the macguffin

Oh, those pesky birds and their misleading plots!

The MacGuffin

The Gist

Spencer Fornaciari appears to be the lone host of The MacGuffin, although he is joined by guests on every weekly episode of the podcast. Episode length is usually around an hour and fifteen minutes. The podcast has been around since 2009, and it’s not to be confused with the videocastof the same name from the same website. The MacGuffin doesn’t follow any sort of structure, it’s a simple discussion podcast. The discussions broach a variety of topics; what’s new in the world of cinema, film reviews, discussions of film theory, criticism, and so forth.

Episodes Listened To


My Thoughts

I have a thing for comfortable seats. I love watching my beloved Chicago Cubs, and while nothing can replace the experience of being at Wrigley Field, I always enjoy watching the Cubs more when I’m doing so from my comfy reclining chair. There’s a sense of comfort and ease that comes from watching something I love in a chair that makes me feel at home. The MacGuffin sparked a similar sort of feeling in me, although obviously no podcast can ever come close to touching the Cubs. As soon as I started listening to The MacGuffin the easy going nature of the discussion made me feel right at home. I never felt at a distance from the host or guest hosts, and I never felt like I wasn’t part of the discussion.

I love fee flowing discussions, and I really love free flowing discussions about the world of film. The MacGuffin brought me into its fold with the way that Spencer Fornaciari and the various guest hosts went about discussing film. I enjoyed the laid back and welcoming tone of their discussions. The podcast never tackled topics that were new or different, but it didn’t need to because it hit a home run in terms of quality of discussion. Mr. Fornaciari allows his podcast to go where the discussion takes it, and I appreciated the welcoming effect that had on me as a listener.

I don’t have anything negative to say about The MacGuffin. About the most that I could come up with is that I disagreed with the hosts sometime, and that I did feel the argument they made about subjectivity in film criticism was off base. Of course I say this as someone who feels that all art and all criticism of art is inherently subjective, so I’m a bit biased in my way of thinking. That being said, I don’t need to agree with the host/s of a podcast. What mattered to me was that I enjoyed the discussions being brought forth by Mr. Fornaciari and company.

The longer this podcast review project goes the less frequent the worthwhile podcasts have become. That makes stumbling across The MacGuffin all the sweeter. I’m happy to be able to add another podcast to my listening stable. I’m a sucker for good film related discussion, especially the type that is willing to shuck aside a rigid structure. I am, obviously, subscribing, to The MacGuffin, and I look forward to all of the discussions that are to come from Mr. Fornaciari’s podcast.

The Bottom Line




4 responses to “Podcast Review: The MacGuffin

  1. So, how many podcasts do you listen to on a weekly basis these days? I know I’m currently at about 10, but a few are thankfully bi-weekly. I know it’s tough when you find a new podcast and realize that one of your regulars has to go. Mainly I’ve been dropping high profile pods like the myriad of SModco shows I used to listen to and listen to more home-grown pods.

  2. I have a regular rotation (meaning some comedy, film related, baseball, and Star Wars) of around 50-60. But, I prune among those, there’s only about five or six that I listen to every week no matter what. The rest I listen to depending on if the content of the episode interests me or not.

  3. I actually gave one of these episodes a shot last week because of your recommendation. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I’m not sure if it will move into my regular rotation. One feature I liked a lot in the episode I listened to was when they took a look at three movie-related Kickstarter projects and picked one that they actually backed.

  4. I don’t listen to every episode, sometimes the guest simply doesn’t create enough of a pull for me to hear what they have to say. Still, they’re in my queue now, and I’ve enjoyed all of the episodes I have listened to.

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