Podcast Review: The CHUD Show

the chud show

Ah, nothing quite like aimless film talk!

The CHUD Show

The Gist

Nick Nunziata, Justin Waddell, and Steve Murphy are the three hosts of The CHUD Show. There isn’t a set release schedule for the podcast, but I’d say they manage to get at least one episode out to the public every month. The episodes usually clock in at an hour and a half. There isn’t a premise behind The CHUD Show, it’s simply three guys getting together and talking about whatever they feel like. Most of the time that means items from the world of film, but they do go on plenty of non-film related tangents. The CHUD Show has been around since about 2007.

Episodes Listened To

#84: Uncle Owen And Aunt Subaru
#85: Quarsh Realm
#86: Shuck And Jive

My Thoughts

There’s no point in mincing words, I didn’t very much enjoy The CHUD Show. The way the discussions were conducted, the general tone of the podcast, and the humor employed by the hosts didn’t mesh well with me. This goes back to the relationship between listener and podcast. That relationship is a very personal one, and more often than not the reason a listener keeps listening or moves on is because of that relationship. I didn’t feel any sort of relationship with the hosts of The CHUD Show. That doesn’t mean they were terrible, that they offended me, or that their podcast was an awful production. Nope, I simply did not connect with or care about their discussions.

A good chunk of The CHUD Show was spent making jokes that I didn’t find funny. A segment that played throughout all three episodes involved some sort of computer modulation applied to people asking sex advice. Most of the time it wasn’t actually advice, just whatever the person asking thought would prompt the biggest laugh from the hosts (or maybe it was just the hosts making stuff up themselves, I’m not sure about the originality of the questions). The hosts laughed heartily during this segment, while I sat in silence. What they found funny I found boring and unfunny. That doesn’t mean the segment isn’t funny to the hosts or their regular listeners. But, it wasn’t funny to me and was a big sign of how I never connected with the sensibilities of the hosts.

I can see some people absolutely hating The CHUD Show, just as I could see some people really liking the more crass approach the hosts take to their discussions. I’m somewhere in the middle, as I didn’t enjoy the podcast but I didn’t come close to hating what the podcast had to offer. My vote is to unsubscribe from The CHUD Show, the podcast they want to make is not a podcast I want to listen to.

The Bottom Line



4 responses to “Podcast Review: The CHUD Show

  1. Hey, Bill. This is Justin from the “Chud Show.” Sorry you didn’t connect with the show (or like it), but I do appreciate that you took time to listen and write up a review. We are always curious about who is listening to it and if they like it or not. Anyway, thanks for giving it a chance.

  2. No problem Justin. And, as I always say, I’m but one voice in a sea of many dissenting opinions, so basically keep doing whatever you’re doing because my opinion doesn’t count for much. 🙂

  3. Same here. I’m Nick from the show. We know we are an aquired taste, like great scotch or awful poison. Thanks for listening.

  4. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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