Podcast Review: The Forgotten Flix Podcast

the forgotten flix podcast

I forget a lot of things, surprisingly movies are not one of those things!

The Forgotten Flix Podcast

The Gist

Joel Robertson and Jason Grooms are the hosts of the possibly bi-weekly The Forgotten Flix Podcast. Episodes usually clock in a little over an hour, and the podcast has been around since late 2010. Each episode centers around one film from the VHS era, usually the 1980s. The hosts provide a brief plot synopsis and then dig into what they think about the film in question.

Episodes Listened To

#90: Over the Top (1987)
#91: F/X (1986)
#92: The Adventures of a Gnome Named Gnorm aka Upworld (1990)

My Thoughts

While listening to the episodes under consideration for this review I wasn’t quite sure what to think about The Forgotten Flix Podcast. On the one hand I had enjoyed the majority of the conversations the hosts had engaged in. On the other hand none of the conversations left any great mark on me because they were, almost uniformly, bereft of any sort of deep film discussion. Don’t get me wrong, the hosts of The Forgotten Flix Podcast partook in some long discussions over all three episodes I listened to for this review. That being said, most of the time they were joking about or making light of the film they were discussing. I don’t mind that approach, but about an episode and a half into this review I wasn’t sure if The Forgotten Flix Podcast would be a podcast I continued to include in my podcast feed.

Then a thought dawned on me, I watch movies to have fun (a shocking revelation, I know). Yes, I do have a lot of fun when it comes to engaging in deep and heavy discussion of a films themes, messages, and technique. But, I also have a lot of fun discussing why movies aren’t any good, or in the case of higher quality movies why they can be goofy at times. The Forgotten Flix Podcast doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to discussing film. What Joel Robertson and Jason Grooms bring to the table is an energetic approach to discussing film in a fun manner. This may be something that’s hard to quantify, but I do believe it is the key to the success of The Forgotten Flix Podcast. The hosts are enjoying the discussions they engage in, and that sort of energy is always welcome in film discourse.

Energy is the key to why I end up having so much fun with The Forgotten Flix Podcast. It’s by no means a perfect film related podcast. For instance, the plot description approach left me cold and while I didn’t mind most of the tangents the host went on sometimes they were a little too off base for my liking. However, when I really think hard about The Forgotten Flix Podcast I know that Misters Groom and Robertson brought a fun energy to the films they discussed. I also know that I enjoyed the discussions they engaged in and found their energy to be infectious. My vote is to subscribe to The Forgotten Flix Podcast if you’re interested in some breezy, and fun, discussion of 1980s VHS releases.

The Bottom Line



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