Retro Week In Cinema: August 01-07, 2013

one man band

I’m a one man band of terrible sound, that’s what I am!

And the trend from last week continues,

For The Birds (2000, Ralph Eggleston, United States Of America) ***1/2

Again, gorgeous. It’s also funny, again. It’s simple and to the point, but this is perhaps a bit too simple, going back to earlier Pixar and bereft of the emotion and pathos that truly makes Pixar something special.

Mike’s New Car (2002, Pete Docter & Roger Gould, United States Of America) ***

It’s funny, it looks good, it’s great to revisit these characters that I love. That’s all it is though, and in a way that made it a bit disappointing.

Boundin’ (2003, Roger Gould & Bud Luckey, United States Of America) ****

This is the first example of more classical storytelling within these shorts, with a story told over an extended period of time, featuring a narrator and a story that deals with changes in a characters life. It’s still beautiful, it’s still funny, and it hits all the pathos and emotion I spoke of earlier. It’s also an interesting tale, a bit odd, a bit of a weird one, but I think that gives it charm.

Jack-Jack Attack (2005, Brad Bird, United States Of America) ****

Much like Mike’s New Car, this is a short that is about revisiting a universe we already know. Unlike Mike’s New Car this is about presenting something truly different within that universe, something deeply funny, this actually has a very Coen Brothers doing screwball comedy feel to it.

One Man Band (2005, Mark Andrews & Andrew Jimenez, United States Of America) ****

This is gorgeous, another one that I would say is up there with some of the best animation Pixar has done. It’s also simple, but it plays with well known ideas and makes a splendid comedy out of those ideas. It’s final shot against the silhouette of night and the fountain is simply breathtaking, yes, you read that right.


Another week with some great films to choose from. One Man Band struck a chord, pardon the pun, with me, and that’s why One Man Band takes home retro movie of the week honors. I’ll be back next week with five more retro capsule reviews!


2 responses to “Retro Week In Cinema: August 01-07, 2013

  1. I don’t know if you’ve listened to the commentary tracks on “Mike’s New Car” or not, but they got the directors’ children to do the commentary. The kids use the opportunity to pitch a completely different cartoon with Mike and Sully in it. One of the best commentary tracks I’ve heard.

  2. I haven’t heard that one yet, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the head’s up. 🙂

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