Podcast Review: Commentary On Fire

commentary on fire

I’ve always thought I should start doing film commentaries, then I remembered that I hate the sound of my voice!

Commentary On Fire

Kenny B, Tom Kent-Williams, and David Harris are the three main hosts of this commentary based podcast. It is a member of the Podcast On Fire Network of podcasts, and episodes are released on a very “whenever we feel like it” schedule. The premise of each episode is that the hosts do a commentary for a single film. The podcast has been around for a few years now, and the length of the episode depends on the film being commented on.

Episodes Listened To

#10: Undefeatable (1993)
#11: Nobody’s Hero (1989)
#12: The Dead And The Deadly

My Thoughts

I used to be a big fan of film commentaries. I still remember the joy I got out of listening to the commentaries for any of Kevin Smith’s earlier works. The idea of people involved with a film, or in the case of certain films critics or historians, opening up and speaking frankly about what was happening on screen interested me to no end. As I got older I stopped listening to commentaries as much. I still enjoy them for the most part, but there are so many movies I want to see that taking the time to listen to commentaries no longer felt like an option to me. Nowadays it’s rare that I listen to a commentary, but if I love the film or the director involved enough, then every now and again I find myself listening to a commentary.

Commentary On Fire is an interesting podcast. The hosts know their stuff, and that really shines through in their commentaries. I especially enjoyed how in-depth the hosts were able to delve when it came to the film in question and the greater Asian film market. I also appreciated that the hosts weren’t afraid to go off on tangents. In any film there are always sequences that don’t quite lend themselves to commentary, and the sign of any decent commentary is when the commentators know to go off on tangents instead of succumbing to dead air. I gained valuable insight from the hosts of Commentary On Fire, and I enjoyed listening to what they had to say, a double whammy if you will.

Kenny B, Tom Kent-Williams, and David Harris clearly love Asian cinema, and that comes across in their commentaries. They relay a lot of information, and while they do get into the minutiae side of things they always bring an energy and spirit to their thoughts that made listening to them a lot of fun. On the technical side of things Commentary On Fire is just fine, about what one should expect from a Podcast On Fire Network production. Commentary On Fire brings great content, lively discussion, and high production values to the commentary market.

My vote is to Movie It Up with Commentary On Fire. That’s a new rating I’m adding, specifically because of Commentary On Fire. There’s no reason to not subscribe to Commentary On Fire, but at the same time I do believe that people should be selective in the commentaries they choose to listen to. So, while Misters B, Kent-Williams, and Harris provide valuable and insightful commentary let the movie/people involved with the film decide what episodes you listen to. Be selective and choose the films that interest you and I can almost guarantee that Commentary On Fire will prove to be an interesting, intelligent, funny, and worthwhile addition to the film related podcasts in your queue.

The Bottom Line

Movie It Up


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