Retro Week In Cinema: August 08-14, 2013

red river

Starts off the same as recent weeks, then finally moves into some new material,

Mater And The Ghostlight (2006, John Lasseter & Dan Scanlon, United States Of America) ***

It has funny moments, it looks beautiful, but just like with Cars I found it too broad. It’s still good, but it’s not up to snuff with most of the rest of the shorts in this collection.

Lifted (2006, Gary Rydstrom, United States Of America) ***1/2

It’s funny for sure, but I think this is a clear example of Pixar allowing someone to have a go at their hardware. The story works, the comedy works, but this is a chance for Gary Nydstrom to show what he can do and how wonderful looking he can make a created world with the hardware Pixar has to offer him. On that front it is an excellent showing.

The Cure (1995, Peter Horton, United States Of America) ***

Good little flick with some very good child acting. My girlfriend absolutely adores this movie, and while I agree that it has some earned heartfelt moments I never felt it got past the obviousness of its story. Still, it’s well worth a watch and is an interesting look at AIDs.

George Of The Jungle (1997, Sam Weisman, United States Of America) **

Another watch with the girlfriend and the kid, and unlike a lot of what we watch that I wouldn’t usually seek out myself, this was a “meh”, instead of a “some fun, not that bad” two star type of movie. Leslie Mann is cute, ad it has a few funny moments, but it just sort of exists and I guess I need to be okay with that. George is so annoying after a while, and it’s not even Brendan Fraser, it’s the character, is he that annoying in the cartoon?

Red River (1948, Howard Hawks & Arthur Rosson, United States Of America) ****

Amazing, it’s the end of the West, the great cattle drive, the bonds of brotherhood, insanity, harshness, women getting in the way, women showing how to really be tough, women mattering more than anything, John Wayne is a bad ass, John Wayne is scary, John Wayne is evil, John Wayne is a father, beautiful vistas, wonderful music, I could watch Walter Brennan all day, the end.


Not as great as recent weeks, but still two pretty great movies to choose from. However, Red River easily takes home retro movie of the week honors. I’ll be back next week with five more retro capsule reviews!



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