Podcast Review: The Film Talk

the film talk

It’s important, when making a podcast about movies, that one watches the movies being discussed!

The Film Talk

The Gist

Jett Loe and Gareth Higgins are the hosts of the long running (been around for a few years now at least) podcast, The Film Talk. Episodes are released sporadically at this point, and episode length varies from around twenty five minutes to a little under and hour. The format is that of two friends discussing movies with the occasional interview thrown into the mix. Sometimes an episode will focus on a lone film to review, while other times multiple films are reviewed. There aren’t any actual segments on The Film Talk, just non-structured film discussion.

Episodes Listened To

#225: Zero Dark Thirty
#228: Iron Man 3
#229: Man of Steel / The Wolverine / Pacific Rim / The Lone Ranger / Mud

My Thoughts

I was fully prepared to write a glaringly positive review of The Film Talk. For the first two episodes I was enjoying the depth and breadth of the discussions the two hosts engaged in. Then the third episode started and my enjoyment of the podcast hit a serious snag with their discussion of Man Of Steel. When Jett Loe rips into Man Of Steel and then admits that he didn’t even bother finishing the movie I stopped caring about what he had to say. When Mr. Loe then went on to do the same thing with Pacific Rim, that’s when I realized this wouldn’t be a positive review of The Film Talk. None of Mr. Loe’s criticisms have weight for me because he didn’t bother to finish either movie. That’s a shame too, because I really did enjoy the first two episodes.

Speaking of those first two episodes, that’s when The Film Talk really shined. The two hosts have a nice rapport and it truly helps their conversations. Gareth Higgins and Mr. Loe both have an impressive knowledge of cinema, and they are able to articulate their views eloquently. Through the first two episodes I enjoyed the way that both hosts framed their discussions. I was engaged by the podcast, and I wanted more of the deep level of discussion they were providing in such short episodes.

The third episode, that was a deal breaker for me. I’m fine with not agreeing with the hosts, truth be told I disagreed with Misters Higgins & Loe on pretty much every point they made in every episode. But, disagreeing on the merits of Take Shelter is different than being agitated by someone ripping into two movies that he didn’t even bother to finish. Those who know me know how much of a pet peeve it is for me when someone doesn’t finish a movie and then proceeds to rip apart said movie. It’s especially galling when said person is putting out a podcast where the intention is to provide intelligent film discourse.

My vote is to unsibscribe from The Film Talk. The first two episodes, and even the end of the third episode, featured plenty of great discussion. The Film Talk is also impressive from a production value standpoint. However, I can’t forgive their discussions about Man Of Steel and Pacific Rim, or a host ripping apart films that he didn’t bother to finish watching. It started off strong, but in the end The Film Talk was as disappointing as it was frustrating.

The Bottom Line



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