Podcast Review: The MacGuffin Men

the macguffin men

I thought I had already reviewed a podcast with this name?

The MacGuffin Men

The Gist

Around since late 2010, The MacGuffin Men is a podcast hosted by Alex and James. They are, occasionally, joined by a guest host of some sort. This weekly podcast features episodes that usually clock in a little over an hour in length. The premise of the show is that of discussion based on a lone topic. It’s important to note that while often that topic is a movie or a movie related issue The MacGuffin Men is not a movie only podcast. They will sometimes delve into other aspects of pop culture, such as TV, music, and sports.

Episodes Listened To

#136: Quiz Show
#137: Demolition Man
#138: There Will Be Blood

My Thoughts

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of The MacGuffin Men as I listened to each episode. Every time I thought I had the hosts, and the podcast, pegged a wrench would be thrown into my assumption. Take the episode on Demolition Man for instance. I was ready to write off The MacGuffin Men as a podcast with a couple of hosts who think they’re too good for certain movies. Then, Alex and Josh, surprised me and started digging deeper into Demolition Man even as they were still having fun with some of the more ludicrous aspects of the film. I never knew what to expect from Misters Alex and Josh because they never adhered to what I’ve come to expect in podcast discussions.

At first the approach taken by Misters Alex and Josh didn’t appeal to my sensibilities. But, the more I thought about the podcast the more I realized I was enjoying what I was hearing. The hosts oscillate nicely between serious criticism, humor, and witty banter. There isn’t a single element that dominates the podcast and that’s due to the hosts willingness to engage in fruitful discussions. The content of their discussions often surprised me, as did their ability to switch gears from one conversational tone to another at the drop of a hat.When all was said and done I had a very pleasant time listening to The MacGuffin Men and I have no doubt it is a podcast that will continue to move up the ranks of my queue as time goes on.

Misters Alex and Josh are knowledgeable about film, and pop culture in general. That’s a great trait in a podcast, especially a film podcast where it’s often necessary to relate a film to the larger scope of what it says about society, or how it relates to society. The MacGuffin Men manages to convey their opinions on a given film, or film topic, in a manner that is both intelligent and fun. There’s nothing better than a little brain stimulation while you’re also having a great time discussing movies.

The MacGuffin Men surprised me over and over again. In the end the podcast surprised me so much that I have no choice but to recommend others subscribe to The MacGuffin Men. It’s an intelligent and well made podcast that isn’t afraid to place humor right next to serious criticism. There’s a place in my podcast feed for The MacGuffin Men and I’d suggest that anyone who enjoys great film discussion make some time for The MacGuffin Men as well.

The Bottom Line



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