Podcast Review: Movie Snobbery 2

movie snobbery 2

I’m a snob about many things and movies are probably one of them!

Movie Snobbery 2

The Gist

Matt Triest is the lone host of Movie Snobbery 2, but he’s joined just about every week by a guest host of some sort. Episode length appears to be about forty five minutes, and this is a monthly podcast. The premise is that of brief discussions about new releases in American theaters and a top five list of some sort. Movie Snobbery 2 has been around since 2011 when it took over for the old Movie Snobbery.

Episodes Listened To

#26: The Lost Episode: Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast & Furious 6 and Top 5 Car Chases
#27: Man of Steel, This is the End, Monsters University, World War Z, Before Midnight and Top 5 End of the World Films
#28: (Lost Episode #3): Pacific Rim, Much Ado About Nothing, Sharknado and Top 5 Movie Robots

My Thoughts

I have no real issues with Movie Snobbery 2. Matt Triest and Jon Waugh, the main guest host (maybe even a regular host by this point) for the three episodes I listened to for this review, were perfectly fine gents. They clearly have a great time recording every episode and it really shows. There is a joy for film that they possess that colors their opinions and that’s not a bad thing in any fashion. The episodes were also short and manageable, which is a nice change of pace from most of the longer podcasts that inhabit my queue.

The above being said, I do appreciate the longer podcasts because they allow for more discussion. I can’t say whether Mr. Triest is very knowledgeable about film because his opinions almost always felt truncated by the length of each episode. I am definitely more of a long form guy, the more in depth a podcast can go the happier I tend to be. The epsiodes of Movie Snobbery 2 felt almost too fast to me, like every time the hosts would go somewhere interesting the discussion would abruptly switch to another film, or topic. That’s not to say the format of Movie Snobbery 2 is a haphazard one. Rather, the shorter episodes and the new release discussion didn’t appeal to me, but I can see people looking for lighter and more bite sized discussion really connecting with Movie Snobbery 2.

My vote is to unsubscribe from Movie Snobbery 2. It’s not among the terrible film related podcasts I have had the misfortune of hearing. However, I need to connect with the podcasts that take up so much of my time and that wasn’t the case with Movie Snobbery 2. Maybe others will appreciate the lighter discussions more than I did, that’s certainly a possibility. With such a short run time there’s no reason to not give Movie Snobbery 2 a chance and see if said connection can be formed. That connection never formed with me, and that’s why I’ll have to keep being a movie snob without the help of Movie Snobbery 2.

The Bottom Line



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