Podcast Review: The Atomic Geeks Podcast

the atomic geeks podcast

If a nuclear explosion had saved me from listening to this podcast I would have been a happy man!

The Atomic Geeks Podcast

The Gist

The Atomic Geeks Podcast is a part of the larger The Atomic Geeks Podcasting Network, and it has been around about four years now. The premise of the podcast is that of general discussion aimed towards the world of video games, movies, TV, comic books, and just about anything considered geeky. The hosts of the podcast are Mike Downs, Christian Nielsen, and Michael DiGiovanni. Episode length of The Atomic Geeks Podcast usually runs around an hour and a half and episodes are released on a weekly basis.

Episodes Listened To

#220: Impossible Cartoons
#221: The Rules Part Deux
#222: Music In Movies

My Thoughts

It’s been a long time since I came away from a podcast loathing the experience. The Atomic Geeks Podcast is the lucky podcast to bring that not so great feeling back. I was expecting to like The Atomic Geeks Podcast, because I am, after all, a geek. This is a podcast that should have appealed to me, but I found everything about The Atomic Geeks Podcast to be ugly. It was ugly in presentation, approach, vernacular used, and opinions. Sure, the podcast has some decent production values, but everything else about the podcast left me ice cold.

The Impossible Cartoons episode can be glossed over rather easily. I didn’t see the point of that episode, but it was inoffensive. Positing about movies and TV shows that can be turned into cartoons didn’t interest me in the slightest, but there wasn’t anything in that episode that riled up my sensibilities. The Rules Part Deux was another story, this was the episode where I turned against The Atomic Geeks Podcast. Going into episode 221 I was still hoping to like the podcast, but by the time that episode was over I knew that The Atomic Geeks Podcast was not a podcast for me.

The swearing every other word wasn’t really for me, but that’s not something that I’m going to hold against a person or a podcast. I didn’t jive with the approach the hosts had regarding the need for strictly defined rules for film. The way they discussed werewolves, dog movies, and so on was extremely limiting. The hosts- Mike Downs, Christian Nielsen, and Michael DiGiovanni- are taking the stance that creativity and expansion are not needed in an intellectual property. Someone shouldn’t bother trying to expand the language of werewolf movies because there is only one way that a werewolf should walk or be killed. I don’t want to watch movies that are limited by such hard and strict rules. A large part of my love for the horror genre comes from the way people are continually trying to toy with and expand established genres and character types. There’s nothing appealing to me about presenting the same thing over and over again, and in that regard my sensibilities are so far removed from Misters Nielsen, Downs, and DiGiovanni that I could not stomach their opinions.

The easiest way for me to negatively describe The Atomics Geeks Podcast is to say that the hosts, all three of them came across like the worst stereotype of the entitled geek. The way that they approach films that aren’t for them was disheartening. I don’t like Twilight, I will say why I think Twilight is awful, but I’m not going to tell others not to like Twilight. People will like what they like, that’s the lifeblood of discussion. The hosts had an air of resentment towards people who would dare like things that true geeks are not supposed to like. They of course put a capper on their juvenile entitlement by resorting to referring to Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight novels, as a bitch. Nothing quite screams out male geek stereotype like misguided and unwarranted rage towards a creative mind from the opposite gender.

By the time the third episode of The Atomic Geeks Podcast had rolled around I had just about tuned out. I was hearing the words of the hosts and I was listening to what they had to say because I want to be honest in my reviews. But, I had so turned on the podcast that there was little chance of them reeling me back into the boat. Luckily the hosts made things easier for me with another discussion that I found easy to forget. In a discussion about music in movies they brought up Quentin Tarantino as one of the best directors at using music in his films. They couldn’t even be bothered to find out the name of his longtime editing partner Sally Menke. Never mind the fact that Mr. Tarantino repeatedly gave Miss Menke full credit for implementing music into his films. For the hosts of The Atomic Geeks Podcast Miss Menke was reduced to a “I’m sure Tarantino had someone working with him on his music, whoever that may be.”

My vote is to unsubscribe from The Atomic Geeks Podcast. It’s been around for a long time and most likely has a great number of listeners and fans. I will not be joining those fans as I never felt comfortable listening to The Atomic Geeks Podcast. The hosts reminded me of the sort of geeks who attacked Amy Nicholson for daring to write a negative review of The Avengers last year. Those simpletons lashed out at Miss Nicholson from a sense of entitlement and the belief that because they were geeks they knew the way things were supposed to be more than some stupid broad who just doesn’t get it. The reaction of certain geeks to Miss Nicholson’s review sickened me, and the fact that the attitudes of the hosts of The Atomic Geeks Podcast reminded me of that incident should be a warning sign for all of my readers to stay far away from The Atomic Geeks Podcast.

The Bottom Line



6 responses to “Podcast Review: The Atomic Geeks Podcast

  1. It’s not really fair to scold them for reminding you of the geeks who criticised Amy Nicholson when they have never bought up that topic and (in my opinion) are generally accepting to all opinion, even your about them.

  2. I think it is fair, because the tone they adopted during the episodes I listened to was the same as those who attacked Nicholson. Maybe they have been open in other episodes, but in the three episodes I listened to they came across as close minded.

  3. I think you were a bit harsh on them. Sure you may not have liked thise episodes but I really think that if you had gone through some of the other show names and chosen some that maybe did interest you yu would love the show. I was a listener from way back around episode 30 and got hooked. Some of their best episodes are pre 200 when all four hosts were still there. In fact I loved thier podcast so much that it inspired me (and numerous others) to start my own show. Whioe I dont listen as much as I used to if you find the right topic I can almost garentee that you would like their style. But then again everyone has tgeir own opinion amd I must repect yours. Im just saying maybe give them another try…like I said look throigh some episode names…you may be suprised

  4. I’ll be honest, I listen to so many podcasts these days that a podcast has to be very on the borderline for me to go back and give it a second chance. I respect the fact you like this podcast so much, but I’ll most likely not be giving it a second chance.

  5. Thats fair. I would be intested to hear what you have to say about some of the other podcasts on their network though. I think they have around 9 or 10 now actually.

  6. If any of them are film related I’ll probably get to them at some point. 🙂

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