Podcast Review: The George Sanders Show

the george sanders show

I can forgive them for thinking Grace Kelly has personality, somebody has to!

The George Sanders Show

The Gist

The George Sanders Show has been pumping out weekly episodes since June of this year (2013 for those of you reading in the future). Sean Gilman and Michael Strenski are the hosts of each hour and a half long episode of The George Sanders Show. The premise of the show is a simple one of film discussion. The format that the podcast follows is a pair of film reviews, usually of older films, tied together by a theme. Sandwiched around those reviews is Cinema Central, a segment where the hosts list films that they would suggest people watch based on that weeks theme. There’s also a spotlight segment where the hosts talk about the films of a director, actor, etc., as well as a segment focused on a small sampling of movie news.

Episodes Listened To

#10: The Grandmaster and A Touch of Zen
#11: Top Ten Films of All-Time
#12: The Black Stallion and The Killing

My Thoughts

I have known Sean Gilman for some time now, both from a message board I used to frequent and from his other podcast, They Shot Pictures. Because of our previous relationship I was made aware of this podcast right out of the gate. I had an inkling I would like The George Sanders Show. However, Mr. Gilman had a co-host who was a mystery to me so I went into listening to The George Sanders Show believing there was a possibility I could leave not liking the podcast. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I really enjoyed The George Sanders Show. In fact I knew I liked the show before I even got to the episodes I used for this review. I’ve been listening to The George Sanders Show since the beginning and the podcast always delivers top notch film discussion and criticism.

Michael Strenski was the unknown host going into my first episode of The George Sanders Show. There was a brief feeling out period, but after a short period I knew that I enjoyed the frank and open way Mr. Strenski goes about discussing movies. He’s knowledgeable about film, and able to articulate his opinions in a very intelligent manner. Combine that with Mr. Gilman carrying over the same intelligent style of film discussion he brings to They Shot Pictures and the result is one heck of a podcast. The George Sanders Show is one of those rare podcasts that I would recommend to anyone looking for a film education. Let’s face it, smart cinephiles know that they are always learning and expanding their cinematic language. The discussions that Misters Gilman and Strenski engage in should help to expand even the smartest cinephiles cinematic language.

Along with being intelligent the hosts of The George Sanders Show also avoid the sin of allowing their discussions to become dry. Misters Gilman and Strenski have a natural back and forth between them that is often witty and funny. They also seem to be able to acutely recognize when a discussion is tapering off. They are very quick to change track and steer the discussion towards an unexplored area and that helps to keep all of the discussions feeling very fresh. In every way that counts the hosts of The George Sanders Show bring the goods.

I also appreciated the films covered by the podcast. The hosts don’t appear to be afraid to tackle mainstream fare right alongside arthouse and classic cinema. That sort of variety is always welcome when it comes to film related podcasts. I do wonder if The George Sanders Show will ever be the type of podcast that is willing to accept all that cinema has to offer in terms of exploitation, grindhouse, and B cinema. That’s about the only possible issue I have with the podcast and it’s not even a real issue. Maybe the hosts won’t shy away from the worlds of horror, exploitation, and women in prison movies. Or maybe they will, only time will tell on that front.

My vote is to subscribe to The George Sanders Show. I’m not sure how many people have already discovered the podcast but every cinephile out there needs to be listening to this fine example of podcast film discussion. A pair of highly knowledgeable hosts who know how to handle a discussion don’t come along every day in the world of film related podcasts. Mix in a decent variety of films with fine production values and there’s no question that The George Sanders Show is already one of the best film related podcasts on the market.

The Bottom Line




4 responses to “Podcast Review: The George Sanders Show

  1. Another one I just might have to check out. And as a side note, I think I’m ready to submit my own podcast to your long list of movie podcasts. There’s no rush, but I think I can handle a good critique on my Filmwhys podcast.

  2. I think you’ll like The George Sanders Show, it’s one of those podcasts I think of as a must for a cinephile. And I added your podcast to the long waiting list a couple of months ago, hopefully I’ll be able to get to it sometime in the next few months. 🙂

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