Podcast Review: Chris And Phil Present…

chris and phil present

I don’t present much of anything, other than the ability to be dense that is!

Chris And Phil Present…

The Gist

Chris Collier and Phil Newton are the hosts of Chris And Phil Present… (or The Ultimate Movie Podcast, either title applies apparently). Each month an episode is released that clocks in from about an hour to a shade under an hour and a half. Guest hosts appear to be a regular occurrence on the nearly six year old podcast. The premise of the show is that of a focus on new releases with the format boiling down to a back and forth discussion of various new releases, or at the very least newer films.

Episodes Listened To

#87: Now You See Me, The Act Of Killing, A Field In England, Pacific Rim, The Conjuring and Static
#88: The Lone Ranger, The World’s End, Lovelace, The Wolverine, Beware Of Mr Baker and The Dyatlov Pass Incident
#89: R.I.P.D., No One Lives, Frankenstein’s Army, Metro Manila, Prisoners, Metallica Through The Never and Convoy

My Thoughts

I’ve said it in the past, but it bears repeating yet again. I’m not super keen on film related podcasts centered around new releases or newer films. That’s not an area of the film world that interests me that much. There are a handful of new release based podcasts I listen to, but those podcasts have managed to amaze me in one way or another. Chris And Phil Present… wasn’t able to amaze me, and that’s why it is another new release based film related podcast that I won’t be listening to moving forward.

I didn’t come away from listening to three episodes of Chris And Phil Present… with any exceedingly negative or positive thoughts. Nothing about the podcast drove me crazy, in any way. It was obvious that the hosts love film and that they enjoy what they are doing. I didn’t connect with their podcast, and it was from the new release format as well as the content of their discussions. I like my film discussions to be a tad meatier than what Chris And Phil Present… was offering. At the same time nothing about the podcast got my blood boiling or irked my sensibilities in an extreme manner. The most damning criticism I can lobby against Chris And Phil Present… is that I found the show bland and not coming from a film perspective that interested me.

My vote is to toss Chris And Phil Present… into the unsubscribe pile. I didn’t match up with the podcast in terms of what I look for in film discussion as well as the types of films I want to engage in conversation about. I’m sure the hosts are a couple of nice chaps, and their podcast is far from terrible, but the approach and content of Chris And Phil Present… didn’t agree with this cinephile.

The Bottom Line



6 responses to “Podcast Review: Chris And Phil Present…

  1. Interesting. I don’t listen to any podcasts other than WTF? with Marc Maron, and Kermode & Mayos Film Review Show for BBC. I don’t get time to listen to any others!

  2. I listen to a ton, mostly film related. Been writing about them for some time now. I find that podcasts are a great way to feel involved in great discussions on film, and there are plenty of different ones for different tastes.

  3. Which three do you recommend Bill?

  4. Off the top of my head the three that I would recommend the most are The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema, A Damn Movie Podcast, and Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit.

  5. Cool, I’ll check them out!

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