Podcast Review: The Film Stage Show

the film stage show

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The Film Stage Show

The Gist

The Film Stage Show is the official podcast of The Film Stage website. The hosts are Danny King, Nick Newman, and Brian Roan. Episodes are released weekly and are usually somewhere around an hour in length. The premise of the podcast is that of free roving film discussion. Sometimes they discuss a specific topic, but it seems as if usually they focus on one or more new releases for the main discussion. The Film Stage Show has been around since early 2012, and appears to have grown out of previous podcast associated with The Film Stage website.

Episodes Listened To

#72: Toronto International Film Festival 2013 Wrap-Up
#73: Prisoners
#74: Rush and Enough Said

My Thoughts

I enjoyed The Film Stage Show, although it didn’t exactly cover ground that thrilled me. I say this a lot, but I’m not that into discussion centered around new releases, or at the very least the newest releases. In the episodes of The Film Stage Show I listened to there was a clear focus on newer films. I simply don’t have a level of interest in newer films that causes me to want to sit down and listen to a lot of discussion about them. I appreciate new releases, I do go and see them from time to time, but not enough that I need to listen to more than a handful of podcasts with a focus on newer releases.

I did enjoy the discussions on The Film Stage Show. The hosts, and the guest hosts, were well informed and delivered their opinions in a very articulate and exploratory manner. Perhaps if I had stumbled across The Film Stage Show earlier on in my film related podcast search I would have taken more to what The Film Stage Show has to offer. Alas, I am only now getting to The Film Stage Show, and that means it has to compete with the new release centric podcasts I already listen to. The simplicity of the situation is that I don’t prefer The Film Stage Show to any of the new release based film podcasts I already have in my queue.

If people are looking for a podcast more centered on new releases then I would heratily recommend The Film Stage Show. It’s a well made podcast with amicable hosts who know their stuff and discuss newer releases in an in-depth fashion that any cinephile should appreciate. That being said, I came to The Film Stage Show late and I can’t justify putting it above the film podcasts devoted to new releases that are already in my queue. My vote is to unsubscribe from The Film Stage Show, but that’s a meek unsubscribe. There’s no reason I can think of to dislike The Film Stage Show, and I’m sure that people who are looking for more new release based discussion will dig what The Film Stage Show has to offer.

The Bottom Line



2 responses to “Podcast Review: The Film Stage Show

  1. Besides only interesting a certain group of listeners, New release podcasts probably are one of the more competetive genres since it’s a common topic for movie related podcasts and I only listen to a couple that make it a large focus and even then I enjoy the rest of the conversation more than the new release talk.

  2. That’s pretty much my plight. I’m not opposed to new release podcasts, but the content of a new release based discussion doesn’t interest me all that much.

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