Podcast Review: 35mm Heroes

35mm heroes

I’m no one’s hero, I can guarantee you that much!

35mm Heroes

The Gist

Jordan McGrath, Ian Loring, and Noel Mellor are the three hosts of the bi-weekly released 35mm Heroes. Episodes are usually around an hour in length. The format of the show is that of a review centered around one new release, as well as a short what we’ve been watching segment. 35mm Heroes has been around since October of 2009.

Episodes Listened To

#179: Rush Review
#180: Top & Bottom 5 of 2013 So Far
#181: Prisoners Review

My Thoughts

I have absolutely nothing negative to say about 35mm Heroes. The three episodes I listened to featured quality film discussion and a pair (Noel Mellor appears to be on paternity leave) of amicable and well informed hosts. The production values of the podcast were also of a decent level. All in all, 35mm Heroes is a fine podcast that any cinephile should enjoy listening to. That being said, the focus of the podcast is mainly new releases and that means regular readers of this column know what is coming up next.

I’m not a new release guy, that hasn’t changed since last week or the week before that. As much as I did enjoy 35mm Heroes it didn’t wow me into thinking, “well, this is a new release podcast I need to listen to week in and week out.” Those who are more into new releases will enjoy listening to 35mm Heroes time and again, but I am not that man. I know I’ve brought this issue up many times, but it’s a large part of my identity as a cinephile. There’s simply a limit in the amount of time I’m willing to devote to discussions centered around new releases.

My vote is to unsubscribe from 35mm Heroes, but my heart isn’t into that vote. For my purposes I’m unsubscribing, but if I ever were to catch the new release bug 35mm Heroes would be a podcast I would make the time for. I have nothing but positive thoughts regarding the podcast of Misters Loring, McGrath, and Mellor. They put out a quality show, and though it may not line up with my podcast listening tendencies that doesn’t mean other cinephiles won’t enjoy the heck out of 35mm Heroes. Basically, it’s not making the cut with me, but other cinephiles who are into new releases should make some time for 35mm Heroes, I’m sure the majority of people will come away enjoying what they heard and making plans to come back again.

The Bottom Line




2 responses to “Podcast Review: 35mm Heroes

  1. It’s a little unusual to have a podcast that long focused on one movie without other segment(s). What’s the general amount of time focused on the actual movie in the two you listened to? 40 mins? It might be a good one to cherry pick some back-catelogue episodes if you want to hear their take on a movie you recently watched.

  2. It depends, but on average I would say that they do spend a good 30-40 minutes on the new release every episode.

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