Podcast Review: MILFcast


Ah, I see what you did there with the innuendo!


The Gist

Kai B. Parker and Heather Baxendale are the two hosts of MILFCast. The podcast has been around since late 2010, and is the flagship podcast for the website Man, I Love Films. Episodes are around forty five minutes to an hour in length and are released on a somewhat monthly schedule. There are various segments on the podcast, one that focuses on general film discussion, a what we’ve been watching segment, a games section, etc..

Episodes Listened To


My Thoughts

It took only a few minutes for me to realize MILFcast wasn’t a podcast for me. It never offended me or anything like that. I wouldn’t categorize MILFcast as a bad podcast either. The format of the podcast didn’t do much for me and the sensibilities of the hosts didn’t match up with mine enough for me to want to keep listening to their opinions. I could never get into MILFcast, even if it was clear that the hosts were very much into the product they were producing.

The atmosphere of MILFcast is one of a casual group discussion. That’s a valid approach to a podcast and film discussion, but it’s not what I’m looking for in my film related podcasts. I am more in search of podcasts with depth to them, that’s what gets my brain going as far as podcasts are concerned. MILFcast had more of a party vibe to it, that of some people getting together to crack jokes and enjoy each others company. That’s perfectly fine, and it sounded like the hosts had a great time in their discussions. I wanted more than MILFcast was ever willing to give me, and when my desire doesn’t match up with the content of the podcast that’s really no ones fault.

When the hosts did discuss film I wasn’t that into what they were saying. I love animated movies and think they can be truly great. The hosts seemed to have a Pixar Animation Studios or nothing attitude. They are obviously entitled to that attitude, but said attitude was so far removed from mine that there was very little chance of us ever meeting in the middle. Sensibilities don’t always need to meet, but they can’t be as far apart as mine were from the hosts. At least not when the question is whether I will keep listening to the podcast.

MILFcast wasn’t for me and that’s why my vote is to unsubscribe. Those looking for a casual film related podcast will probably get more out of MILFcast than I did. I never found myself interested in what the podcast had to offer, but that’s bound to happen when the content of MILFcast is so divergent from what I look for in a film related podcast. It’s not terrible by any means, but it wasn’t for me and that says it all when it comes to MILFcast.

The Bottom Line




2 responses to “Podcast Review: MILFcast

  1. The MILFcast is one that I listen to on a regular basis. I agree that it’s much more of a party vibe to it than serious film discussion. For my personal tastes, especially since I listen to 90+% film podcasts, I like to have a mix between fun discussion, serious discussion, new releases, etc. This is a good choice for the fun category. It also helps that my tastes line up with the hosts more often than not.

  2. That definitely helps. Maybe at another point in time I would have dug the podcast more, but I just couldn’t get into it this time around.

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