Podcast Review: Film Rave

film rave

I like to rave myself, albeit not as much as some folk!

Film Rave

The Gist

Justin Oberholtzer is the lone host of Film Rave, a weekly podcast that has been around since February of 2013. Episode length usually clocks in around an hour and a half. The format of the podcast is that of a what I’ve been watching segment, Dungeon of Horror (wherein Mr. Oberholtzer reviews a particularly terrible film) and reviews of a pair of films that are connected in one way or another. Film Rave is currently associated with the Filmsploitation Network and grew out of a column Mr. Oberholtzer used to write for Freakin’ Awesome Network.

Episodes Listened To

#30: Martin the Vampyr
#31: Pulse of Kwaidan
#32: Bava Kills on Sunday

My Thoughts

In the interest of fairness, I’ve been acquainted with Justin Oberholtzer for a fair bit of time now. We both frequent some of the same Facebook groups, and are friends on Facebook. I’m not biased towards Mr. Oberholtzer, but as per the usual I feel it’s important to get these things out in the open before I review his podcast.

I struggled somewhat with Film Rave. It brought many things that I liked to the table, but the presentation never sat well with me. It all comes down to the way Mr. Oberholtzer discusses cinema, or in this case presents his criticism. He doesn’t do so in a way I find terrible, or even negative, but his style is not really my style. The quickest analogy I can think of is that Mr. Oberholtzer’s style is akin to someone throwing up their entire dinner. I can look at the vomitus and slowly pick out what that person had for dinner. The process of sifting through the vomitus isn’t always easy though, because there’s a lot of extra substances hiding the food. Sick analogy I know, but that accurately describes Mr. Oberholtzer’s style of criticism.

Mr. Oberholtzer is often in such a rush to make his point or get to his criticism that he speeds past his criticism once he actually gets there. This, again, comes down to the style of Mr. Obertholzer. A style I would describe as extremely enthusiastic. That’s not a bad thing, a love of cinema coming through in the words of a host is never a bad thing. That’s why despite struggling with the criticism and presentation style of Mr. Oberholtzer I slowly grew to enjoy his style and presentation. I won’t lie, I’ll never be a fan of the plot descriptions he gives, but those who know me know that I’m one hundred percent against plot description in my criticism. Still, once he gets into legit criticism, and even his tangents, the enthusiasm Mr. Oberholtzer brings to the table is infectious.

I also enjoyed the films that Mr. Oberholtzer discussed, with the exception of the Dungeon of Horror segments. I’m a self-professed lover of terrible cinema, but the films Mr. Oberholtzer picks for that segment are films that don’t sound like they’re so terrible they’re good. Rather, they are simply terrible, and because of that the Dungeon of Horror segments didn’t bring me much joy. Mainly because I got the vibe that Mr. Oberholtzer wasn’t enjoying discussing those films. The rest of the films being discussed were generally the type of cinema I enjoy, and that’s cinema from all genres and styles. Mr. Oberholtzer doesn’t limit himself to horror, drama, arthouse, or what have you. Instead he is accepting of all that cinema has to offer, and I always appreciate that.

I did have issues with Film Rave, there’s no denying that. However, I enjoyed the majority of the podcast. Mr. Oberholtzer’s discussion style isn’t really my bag, but said style grew on me episode after episode. With a nice variety of films being discussed, and a host who brings an enthusiastic joy to discussing film the pros of Film Rave far outweigh any cons. My vote is to subscribe to Film Rave.

The Bottom Line




After writing this the man behind Film Rave, Justin Oberholtzer, has decided to call it quits with the podcast. According to him it was a time and money issue more than anything else. I enjoyed the podcast and felt that Film Rave was improving with every episode. Either way, as is my policy I don’t chuck completed reviews to the side and thus you’ve just finished reading an antiquated review of Film Rave.


4 responses to “Podcast Review: Film Rave

  1. It’s interesting to read about a podcast with just a single person talking, that’s quite rare. Are there any other good (or bad) single person film podcasts you’ve come across?

  2. The only ones that immediately spring to mind are Cinerama and Left Field Cinema. Both were decent, although I wouldn’t have recommended either for different reasons. Alas, neither is around anymore. Still, I’m sure there are more out there, or others I’m not remembering.

  3. Paleo-cinema Podcast is a good solo podcast (sometimes there is a guest co-host).

  4. I gave that one a listen, and a review, already. I appreciate what Mr. Frost is doing, but his style didn’t jive with me.

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