Podcast Review: The Mill Creeps

the mill creeps

I’ve been to Graue Mill before, I wonder if that has anything to do with these guys!

The Mill Creeps

The Gist

The Mill Creeps has been around for close to a year now. Every week a one hour episode is dropped onto the world. The hosts for the episodes are Aaron Duenas and Chris Davies-Rowan. The premise of the podcast is that of a pair of movie reviews every week. One review is for a film from any of the numerous Mill Creek Entertainment box sets, and the other review is of a film that’s not associated with said box sets.

Episodes Listened To

#34: Bat Panic
#Bonus: Aaron’s Fright Fest, Part 1
#35: Devil’s Mausoleum

My Thoughts

In the interest of full disclosure, I know both of the hosts of The Mill Creeps. I frequent a couple of the same Facebook groups as them, although to be fair that’s about the extent of my interaction with Mr. Davies-Rowan. Aaron Duenas, however, happens to be the editor, and webmaster, for a site I write for, The Gentlemen’s Blog To Midnite Cinema. That being said, I strive for objectivity in these reviews, but as always I feel that’s important to disclose this information.

Being a horror fan, as well as a fan of bad cinema and B movies in general, I have been exposed to my fair share of movies from Mill Creek Entertainment throughout the years. A lot of them are trash, but there’s also a lot that I’ve considered quality finds. Either way, I always appreciate a company that is willing to deliver a massive quantity of films to the masses. It never occurred to me to put out a podcast about Mill Creek Entertainment, but The Mill Creeps does a fine job of proving week in and week out why it should have occurred to me.

What I liked most about The Mill Creeps was the straight forward approach of Misters Davies-Rowan and Duenas. They move right into what they like or didn’t like about a movie and don’t waste time with a lot of unneeded hemming and hawing. They do take a minor plot description approach, but they take the same plot description approach as found on Silva & Gold. That approach I’m not completely against, because instead of just describing the plot the Silva & Gold guys use the plot to couch their review of the film. The Mill Creeps take the same approach, and it works for them just as well. I say this in no ill manner, but the hosts of The Mill Creeps are not men of many words, and they work to their strength. Swift and hard hitting, that’s how I would describe their reviews. They go in-depth, but they don’t dwell and they don’t dawdle.

I appreciated the content and the approach of The Mill Creeps, but what pushed them over the edge for me was the combination of their joy in getting together to talk about cinema and the way they work so well off of one another. I’m not sure if either man on their own could make a podcast work past a few episodes. Paired together Misters Duenas and Davies-Rowan complement one another in the best possible way. They fill in the dead space, they understand where to take one another in the course of a discussion, and they obviously love spending time together talking movies. I love watching movies, and I really dig listening to people who love movies talk about movies. That makes The Mill Creeps an easy subscribe vote in my book.

The Bottom Line




Since I wrote this review The Mill Creeps has ceased to exist as a podcast. Scheduling issues appear to be the root of the problem. Life gets in the way, that’s very understandable, but The Mill Creeps was a welcome addition to the film related podcast world that I shall miss.


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