Podcast Review: 15 Minute Movie Podcast

15 minute movie podcast

If I were to podcast it would last for about two minutes before I got tired of my own voice!

15 Minute Movie Podcast

The Gist

The tile of this podcast says it all when it comes to episode length. Every week Stephan Halley is the lone host of a fifteen minute long episode. The premise of the show is that of information broker, as the podcast isn’t focused on critical analysis, but relaying a few facts about a few movies every episode. 15 Minute Movie Podcast has been around for a couple of years now.

Episodes Listened To

#53: Box Office Bombs Part II
#54: Blood Christmas
#55: Nightmare Serpent House

My Thoughts

There isn’t much in 15 Minute Movie Podcast that appeals to my sensibilities. That’s not to say it’s not a well made podcast, but it’s most definitely not the type of podcast I like to listen to. Information conveyance is not something I’m looking for in my film related podcasts. I’m all about critical thought, deep analysis, or beyond that thought provoking interviews or quality time spent with a funny comedian. 15 Minute Movie Podcast offers none of those things, instead it’s a podcast concerned solely with dropping information on its audience.

Some of the information that Stephan Halley conveys during an episode of 15 Minute Movie Podcast is interesting. If people are enjoying his podcast it is for the information he relays. Every once in a while Mr. Halley will drop in a sentence of critical analysis, but those moments aren’t many. The format that Mr. Halley has chosen for his podcast is fine because it seems to play to his strengths as a cinephile. However, for me it all comes back to what I want to listen to when I’m looking for new film related podcasts. The content offered by 15 Minute Movie Podcast will appeal to certain cinephiles, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Mr. Halley keeps things brisk with his podcast, and I have no doubt that works terrifically for those who like his podcast. 15 Minute Movie Podcast is well made with decent production values. However, to take on the role of a broken record, the format, and premise, of 15 Minute Movie Podcast is not geared for a cinephile like me. That’s very important to me when it comes to choosing what I will listen to on a consistent basis. My vote is to unsubscribe from 15 Minute Movie Podcast. Not because it’s a terrible podcast that people should avoid, but because it’s a podcast that deals in content that doesn’t interest me.

The Bottom Line



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