This Week In Cinema: January 12-18, 2014

bad education

My education was bad, but for very different reasons!

Only two movies this week,

Vals Im Bashir (Waltz with Bashir, 2008, Ari Folman, Australia/Belgium/Finland/France/Germany/Israel/Switzerland/United States of America) ***

There are powerful and devastating moments to be found in Vals Im Bashir. There’s also a dilution of those moments that comes courtesy of the animated format of the film. I’m very pro-animation, it’s a style that I feel can no doubt be used in a serious manner. There are many animated film that are serious and great. It all comes down to the style of animation, and I found the animation in Vals Im Bashir to be rather lifeless. Instead of being shaken to my core by the violence and bloodshed on display in Vals Im Bashir I was removed because of the inability of the animation to emote. The bland faces and the dead eyes really hurt this documentary, but there’s still some power to be found in the story of the film.

La mala educación (Bad Education, 2004, Pedro Almodóvar, Spain) ***

Well filmed and well acted, but lacking the tension it thinks it has. I had a great time watching Pedro Almodóvar compose his shots and play around with color. I also really dig the two lead performances. Yet, the core of the film comes across as hollow. The drama was never that dramatic to me, and the murder mystery aspect fell completely flat. La mala educación is a decent film, but it’s not a great film or a crime drama film to get all worked up over.


A pair of good, if underwhelming movies this week, but still a week with only good movies is always a worthwhile week. Of those two films it is La mala educación that takes home movie of the week honors. Until next week, watch more movies!

Bill Thompson


2 responses to “This Week In Cinema: January 12-18, 2014

  1. I need to see Waltz with Bashir.

  2. It’s certainly one that many people have loved.

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