Podcast Review: Masters Of Cinema Cast

masters of cinema cast

There are quite a few masters of cinema I’m interested in!

Masters Of Cinema Cast

The Gist

Around since March of 2013, Masters Of Cinema Cast covers films released by the British Masters of Cinema distribution label, which is a sub-label of Eureka Video. Episodes are usually around an hour and a half to two hours. The release schedule is sporadic, but it appears that the goal is to be a bi-weekly podcast. The podcast features a news segment covering the Masters of Cinema label, and a review of a lone title from the Masters of Cinema collection. The hosts of the podcast are Tom Jennings and Joakim Thiesen, although as of the last episode I listened to for this review Mr. Jennings had entered into a temporary hiatus. Each week the hosts, or host as the case may be, are joined by a different guest from the greater cinephile community.

Episodes Listened To

#11: Sunrise
#12: House
#13: Onibaba

My Thoughts

The obvious connection to make when it comes to Masters Of Cinema Cast is that of The Criterion Cast. Both podcasts are centered around a boutique distribution label, and both podcasts have a more highbrow feel to them. However, the similarities end around that point. The Criterion Cast has splintered off into including other cinematic ventures, whereas in its infancy Masters Of Cinema Cast is still focused mainly on the Masters of Cinema label. I’d also say another key difference is in the level of highbrow discussion found on both podcasts, with Masters Of Cinema Cast aiming at larger highbrow targets than The Criterion Cast.

I enjoyed Masters Of Cinema Cast, even if I’ve never watched a film from the Masters of Cinema label. For me a podcast like Masters Of Cinema Cast isn’t about the label it takes its name from. Rather, my interest in the podcast is in the film discussion being had. In that area I enjoyed what Masters Of Cinema Cast had to offer. There was a depth to their discussions that I greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t say that Masters Of Cinema Cast is among the best of the more intellectual based podcasts I listen to. But, I wouldn’t rule out the podcast continuing to get better and climb up the ranks as more episodes are produced.

I found myself disagreeing with the hosts of Masters Of Cinema Cast quite often, but that was never an actual problem. A sign of a well done podcast is when I can disagree with the opinions of the hosts and still get something out of, and enjoy, their discussions. Such is the case with Masters Of Cinema Cast. Even when I felt at odds with some of their negative remarks, in an otherwise positive review, directed towards Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans I still enjoyed the cut of their discussions.

I will say that moving forward I’ll have to listen more intently to Masters Of Cinema Cast. I say this not only because I am interested in the podcast as a whole, but because the absence of Tom Jennings could change my feelings towards the podcast. Right now my vote is to subscribe to Masters Of Cinema Cast, but moving forward that could change. That’s not a knock against Joakim Thiesen in any way, but losing a host is a big deal when it comes to the product that is a film related podcast. Still, as it stands I enjoy Masters Of Cinema Cast and I think that other cinephiles looking for hearty and intelligent film discourse would enjoy the podcast as well.

The Bottom Line



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