Podcast Review: Midnite Ride

midnite ride

I ride around all the time around midnite, of course, I am in an ambulance!

Midnite Ride

The Gist

October of 2013, that’s how long Midnite Ride has been around for. The podcast is hosted by Large William, and is an offshoot of another podcast, The Gentlemen’s Guide To Midnite Cinema. As a result the episodes are hosted by The Gentlemen’s Blog To Midnite Cinema. Episodes are around twenty minutes to a half an hour. There’s no true release schedule for Midnite Ride, rather episodes are released daily at times, and at other times there will be weeks or months in between episodes. The podcasts consists of a review of one movie, that has been chosen by someone who Mr. William knows.

Episodes Listened To

#10: The Black Cat (1934)
#11: The Nightcomers
#12: The Children (2008)

My Thoughts

I write for The Gentlemen’s Blog To Midnite Cinema, I’m an avid fan of The Gentlemen’s Guide To Midnite Cinema, and I’m friends, through Facebook of course, with the host of Midnite Ride, Large William. None of this has any bearing on my review, but as per usual I like to disclose this sort of stuff.

I’ve written a few different podcast reviews where I vented about my frustrations with single host podcasts. I like the back and forth of a hearty discussion between two hosts of a podcast. Just about all of the single host podcasts I have come across haven’t managed to strike a chord with me because of the blandness of hearing one point of view over and over again. Midnite Ride manages to find a way to connect with me where others have failed. There are a few different reasons for this, but I think a big factor is the usual episode length.

Twenty to thirty minutes is the perfect amount of time for one person to review a film before the review gets monotonous. Mr. William gets right into his reviews, says what he needs to say, and then ends an episode at just the right time. Mr. William has plenty of interesting things to say about the films he reviews, and in the short run time of the episodes he manages to say a lot. He always goes in depth and provides lots of cinematic thought to chew on for every movie he reviews.

There’s not much different from Mr. William on Midnite Ride as compared to The Gentlemen’s Guide To Midnite Cinema. I really like the way Mr. William approaches the world of cinema on both podcasts. His sensibilities are very similar to mine, although we don’t always see eye to eye on every movie and this provides a nice give and take sort of relationship. I’m also a fan of the way Mr. William refuses to cherry pick the movies he’s willing to watch. I get the distinct impression that I could hear a review of any movie on Midnite Ride, because cinema is cinema and this podcast celebrates that fact.

My vote is to subscribe to Midnite Ride. That’s an easy vote to cast as the bite sized Midnite Ride pretty much fires on all cylinders as far as film related podcasts go. The production values are high, the content covered is great, and the host is an amicable chap who knows his stuff and discusses film in an open and inviting way. Those are but a few of the reasons why Midnite Ride is a great addition to the world of film related podcasting.

The Bottom Line



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