Podcast Review: Operation Kino

operation kino

I’m not a big fan of medical operations, we’ll see how that pans out for this podcast!

Operation Kino

The Gist

Katey Rich, Da7e Gonzales, David Ehrlich, and Matt Patches are the hosts of Operation Kino. They are often joined by a guest host. Each week an episode is released hovering between a half an hour to an hour in length. The podcast has been around since 2011 and appears to focus on one in depth review of a new release and an interview or in-depth topic discussion every episode. Or, I should say every other episode, as the way the episodes are released is that the review is one episode and the topic discussion/interview is another episode. Operation Kino is hosted at CinemaBlend.

Episodes Listened To

#137: Review: Celebrating The McConaughssiance In Dallas Buyers Club
#138: John Ratzenberger On Cheers, Pixar, American Made and My Cousin Vinny
#138: Review: Following Thor Into The Dark World

My Thoughts

As everyone knows I’m not the biggest fan of new release based podcasts. I’ve listed the reasons for this numerous times, but it essentially comes down to my indifference towards seeing films as soon as they are released. There are podcasts that do become the exception to my rule. Those podcasts usually either feature a critic I am highly fond of, or engage in discussion that engages me as a listener beyond just a “hey, we’re discussing the newest film this week” level. Operation Kino is a podcast that focuses on new releases, but it is also one of the rare new release based podcasts that I plan to keep listening to moving forward.

The depth of discussion is what kept drawing me back to Operation Kino. I love when a film related podcast is willing to dig deep into a film. By focusing on one film, or one topic, the hosts of Operation Kino were able to really get underneath the surface during their discussions. They presented their opinions clearly, and they went back and forth on said opinions. It’s a too often used phrase, but I truly felt like the hosts of Operation Kino never left a stone unturned when it came to getting to the heart of why they felt the way they did about a given film, or topic.

What Operation Kino most benefits from is the chemistry and diversity of its hosts. The episodes I listened to featured Katey Rich, Da7e Gonzales, and Matt Patches. All three are very knowledgeable when it comes to film, and they have clear chemistry with one another. When you add those two elements together that results in a podcast where the hosts work well off of one another and are able to bounce ideas off of each other in a cohesive yet individualistic fashion. Operation Kino is a podcast that will never be accused of group think, as each host brings their own viewpoint and it’s a joy to listen to the hosts express said viewpoints and change those viewpoints as they engage in dialogue.

It’s blatantly obvious by this point, but my vote is to subscribe to Operation Kino. It’s a well made podcast where the hosts burrow deep into the films they discuss. Operation Kino is one new release based podcast that is most definitely worth everyone’s time. Smart cinephiles love great film discussion, that’s just what Operation Kino provides, and that’s why cinephiles should be listening to this podcast.

The Bottom Line




Since writing this the folks at Operation Kino announced that the podcast was no longer going to be around. All four hosts will still be working together on a new podcast, titled Fighting In The War Room. I’m sure it will be just as great as Operation Kino was, but alas that does mean that Operation Kino is no more and thus this review is pretty much a relic.



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