Podcast Review: Wrong Opinions About Movies

wrong opinions about movies

There’s no such thing as a wrong opinion, that’s what makes film so great!

Wrong Opinions About Movies

The Gist

Matthew Bowers, Alli Martin, and Lara Eckener, although she goes by Kati on the podcast, are the hosts of this weekly podcast. The episodes I listened to were around an hour in length, but I would imagine that under their regular format episodes would be around an hour and a half. The format of the podcast is that of a news/what we’ve been watching segment, and then a pair of movie reviews. One is of a new release, the other is of an older film, and a theme is used to connect the two movies. Although, for the three episodes I listened to the podcast only reviewed one film, a new release, every week. Wrong Opinions About Movies has been around a couple of years and is a member of the Majestic Giraffe Productions podcast network.

Episodes Listened To

#109: Escape From Tomorrow
#110: The Counselor
#111: Ender’s Game

My Thoughts

The title of Wrong Opinions About Movies should have been a tip, but for an episode and a half I was concretely in the middle when it came to this podcast. Nothing was wowing me, but nothing was turning me away either. The hosts seemed okay, and the guests, including those from the past, were an eclectic group of film people who I like for the most part. Then during the middle of The Counselor episode one remark started a downward spiral for my relationship with the podcast.

Matthew Bowers said that Richard Roeper’s review of The Counselor was stupid. He said this because Mr. Roeper presented an argument for the film he did not agree with. I have no great love for Mr. Roeper, I’ve never found him to be anything better than a mediocre critic. However, his opinion is his opinion, and it is neither wrong nor stupid. What makes film so great is that different opinions are presented and they can be disagreed with. They aren’t wrong and they aren’t stupid because differing opinions are the lifeblood of film. Mr. Bower’s comment towards Mr. Roeper made me rethink what I had heard from the podcast previously and listen more intently to the remaining episode and a half.

The conclusion I came up with is that I do not match up with Wrong Opinions About Movies at all. The podcast is well produced from a technical standpoint, but the vibe and opinions of the hosts didn’t mesh well with the way I view the film world. I honestly didn’t have a lot of issues with Alli Martin or Lara Eckener, as I found them fairly innocuous. Mr. Bowers seems like an okay guy, but he approaches film from a right and wrong perspective, and this then bleeds into the overall conversation. The way that Wrong Opinions About Movies approaches film discussion is the antithesis of my approach.

I’m not about to call Wrong Opinions About Movies a stupid podcast. Nor would it be in the interest of good discussion to tell the hosts they are wrong in their approach to film discussion. They have their approach, and that approach doesn’t align with my interests. My vote is to unsubscribe from Wrong Opinions About Movies, but how an individual views film discussion will determine how one truly feels about this podcast.

The Bottom Line




4 responses to “Podcast Review: Wrong Opinions About Movies

  1. Ugh. I was out walking a few days back and overheard a couple arguing and one actually say the following: “Well, MY opinions are NEVER wrong!” and it made me duck into a shop to laugh for a good few minutes.

    I think there’s slight problem with people who don’t want to adjust an incorrect perspective because it’s part of their personality. I tend to get along better with people who realize they CAN be wrong and want to at least attempt to fix that.

    Hell, if anything it makes for a more civil conversation!

  2. When it comes to film I really don’t believe there is a right or a wrong. There’s only opinion, and it’s what makes discussing film so much fun. I’m not right for thinking The Dark Knight is a terrible movie, just like I’m not wrong for loving Frozen. If film were a medium where there was a right or a wrong I would have kissed it goodbye a long time ago.

  3. I saw you saying over at Dan’s place that you thougtht people don’t care about your podcast reviews. I just wanted to let you know that I care. I listen to a lot of movie podcast, but I’m nowhere near you in level of dedication. I have a question for you:do you have some sort of index where you have collected all the podcasts that you have recommended for subscription? It would be great to get that overview. Or is it as simple as that the podcasts that you have in your link list are the ones that you subscribe for?

  4. Yep, Jessica, it’s that simple. If I recommend a podcast for subscription it goes into the link list on the sidebar. Otherwise I don’t have a comprehensive list, but links to all of the podcast reviews can be found in the Podcast Review subsection of my Projects page.

    Thanks for the kind words. It seems, more often than not, that the only attention the podcast reviews get is when I post a review with a recommendation to unsubscribe and that riles up the people behind the podcast. I’ve seen the stats, so I know that all the podcast reviews get decent views, but for whatever reason I always feel like that’s the section of my blog that is the most neglected.

    Either way, I like writing them, and I love the role that podcasts have taken on when it comes to film criticism and discourse. It’s gotten to the point where I have to be very selective with the podcasts I listen to, but just the fact that I have to do that makes me happy for all the quality discussions I have to choose from.

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