Podcast Review: Batman On Film Podcast

batman on film podcast

I’m more a fan of Batman on TV!

Batman On Film Podcast

The Gist

There’s no strict release schedule for Batman On Film Podcast. Sometimes there can be months in between episodes, and at other times episodes are released within days of one another. The podcast has been around for a few years now, and the regular hosts are Mark Gerber, Sean Hughes, and Bill Ramey. Episodes can be anywhere between an hour to an hour and forty five minutes. The format is a simple one, that of open discussion related to the character of Batman, and sometimes other comic book characters, in film form.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Nolan, Bale, and Snyder up for Justice League Film?
#Unknown: BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, Casting the new Batman, and the status of DC on Film
#Unknown: BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: Batfleck, Nightwing, and Wonder Woman Oh My!”

My Thoughts

I’m not saying it’s necessary, but for one to enjoy Batman On Film Podcast it certainly helps to be a fan of Batman in general and the character in his various film incarnations specifically. I’m not one of those people. I like Batman well enough, but I always found him to be a bland and fairly uninteresting character in his comic books. I am fond of the mid-1990s Batman animated series, Batman Returns, and I really like how Batman: The Brave And The Bold is a great throwback to The Tick style of animated comedy hero. I absolutely loathe the Christopher Nolan films, but I loathe Mr. Nolan as a filmmaker in general, so that has little to do with the podcast. The point being, there are many hurdles in place for Batman On Film Podcast to overcome.

It doesn’t overcome those hurdles for me, it doesn’t even come close. I didn’t have any problems with Batman On Film Podcast, it’s nowhere near a terrible or badly made podcast. The content simply doesn’t interest me, from the character of Batman to the way they spend most of their time speculating on casting rumors and the sort. That aspect of cinema has never interested me, I usually tune out as soon as people start discussing casting, or any rumors really, of a film. I’m all about discussing the finished product, and Batman On Film Podcast doesn’t really provide any of that.

Try thought it might Batman On Film Podcast was never able to hold my attention as a listener. I’m sure that fans of Batman, Christopher Nolan, and the greater DC Film universe will enjoy the podcast. However, I do think one needs to be a pretty big Batman film to find what Batman On Film Podcast is doing worth their time. Those people will like the podcast, but the rest of us are left out in the cold. Batman On Film Podcast is a very niche podcast, and it presents quality discussion to fans of that niche. I’m not one of the members of said niche, and that’s why my vote isto unsubscribe from Batman On Film Podcast.

The Bottom Line



2 responses to “Podcast Review: Batman On Film Podcast

  1. I am a fan of Batman, but I’m also not a big fan of largely speculative podcasts like this one. I thought I saw it pop up in my Twitter feed at some point, but I don’t think I’ll be checking it out anytime soon.

  2. I am very against the speculate as discussion angle of film. I don’t want to speculate about who will be cast, why they will be cast, etc. That doesn’t appeal to me, the final film and how people react to said film, that’s what I care about.

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