Podcast Review: Broken Projector

broken projector

I figured a messed up projector was a bad thing, no?

Broken Projector

The Gist

Scott Beggs and Geoff La Tulippe are the hosts for this podcast from Film School Rejects. Episodes clock in anywhere from a half an hour to a little over an hour, and are released on a somewhat weekly basis. The podcast has been around since early 2013. The format is one of general discussion. Sometimes this means the hosts dive into a film based topic all on their own. Other times this means that a guest joins the discussion or an interview is conducted.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: A Loud Noise And A Well Timed Cat
#Unknown: Spandex In The Park
#Unknown: The Days Are Still Packed

My Thoughts

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Broken Projector. I am aware in some regard of most of the podcasts I end up reviewing. Such was not the case with Broken Projector, a podcast I don’t even remember adding to my giant list of podcasts to be reviewed. That being the case, I went into Broken Projector with an open, and empty mind. At first I wasn’t super impressed, nor was I turned away. Their discussion about film props was interesting, but not really the type of topic I spend time thinking about. Then they conducted their interview with Scott Derrickson.

At the onset I was more impressed with the thoughts of Mr. Derrickson than I was with either host. In the middle of the next episode I realized that I owed Scott Beggs and Geoff La Tulippe more credit than I was giving them. They hadn’t just asked questions during the Scott Derrickson interview, they had guided the interview to interesting and thoughtful places. They really gave the horror film a thorough look over and I greatly enjoyed the way they got Mr. Derrickson to open up with his thoughts on what makes horror work.

The rest of my time spent with Broken Projector went much the same. The laid back and easy going style of Misters Beggs and La Tulippe made it all too easy for me to miss the hard work they were putting in at producing a quality discussion based podcast. They are amiable chaps, and that played into my enjoyment of their hosting abilities. But, they brought the meat as well, and I really enjoyed the depth, and breadth, of the discussions taking place on the podcast. Broken Projector talks about interesting film topics, conducts thoughtful interviews, and is very engaging from a discussion perspective.

My vote is to subscribe to Broken Projector. It’s not a podcast I hear mentioned much when it comes to the film related podcasts that people tend to listen to. I can tell you that it belongs in that discussion. The easy going style of the hosts is only the entry point. Behind the calm and welcoming veneer of their discussions is an ability to engage in worthwhile and interesting film talk. Odin knows I’m always up for a podcast that has some great film discussions, and Broken Projector is no different.

The Bottom Line



2 responses to “Podcast Review: Broken Projector

  1. Thanks for the review. Just now discovered this podcast. Nice to have a new film show with such interesting topics.

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