Podcast Review: Kaijucast


A podcast about monsters, I feel right at home!


The Gist

Kyle Yount is the host of Kaijucast, although there are a few guest hosts on just about every episode. The podcast has been around for five years now, and releases episodes on a somewhat monthly basis these days. The episodes usually clock in around an hour and a half. The premise of the podcast is that of discussion centered around Kaiju, the classic Japanese monster movies. To this end there are discussions of news and rumors; reviews of movies, comic books, and music; and interviews with various guests. As long as the product is Kaiju related, then the Kaijucast will talk about it.

Episodes Listened To

#98: Godzilla’s Viral Marketing & Teaser Trailer
#99: Atragon Daikaiju Discussion
#100: Celebrating Five Years of Godzilla Podcastery

My Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen very few Kaiju movies. My experience is pretty much limited the original Gojira, the 1998 American Godzilla, 2013’s Pacific Rim, and the satirical short Bambi Meets Godzilla. It’s not a genre I’m adverse to, it’s just a genre of films that I’ve never gotten around to. I have liked the Kaiju films I’ve seen, and the genre seems to offer quite a lot that I like about the world of film. That being said, where does that leave a podcast as niche as Kaijucast?

It leaves it as podcast that is for Kaiju fans. That’s not a negative in any way, just a simple acknowledgement of who the podcast will work best for. If you’re not a fan of Kaiju movies then there’s no real reason to listen to Kaijucast. However, if you are a fan of Kaiju films then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be listening to Kaijucast. I’d also add that if one is looking to get into Kaiju movies then Kaijucast would be a great resource to have at one’s disposal.

I may not be huge into Kaiju, but I enjoyed Kaijucast. Kyle Yount, and the various guest hosts, are nice folk who discuss the word of Kaiju in an informative and interesting way. I found their frankness refreshing, as they gushed over certain Kaiju works, but would call a Kaiju product out for being terrible when they believed it was terrible. Listening to them discuss the world of Kaiju has me more interested in exploring Kaiju films. It was a nice change of pace to be listening to discussions where everyone was informed, intelligent, and fans who weren’t afraid to dislike something.

It may be niche, but my vote is to subscribe to Kaijucast. Obviously those who have no interest in Kaiju shouldn’t worry about giving Kaijucast a go. But, as I explore more Kaiju films I look forward to listening to Kaijucast at the same time. This is the first podcast in a while where I don’t have any true negatives to bring to the table. Made with love and clearly the product of people who know what they are talking about, Kaijucast is an example of a film related podcast done right.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson

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