Podcast Review: The Hysteria Continues

the hysteria continues

I am a fan of slasher movies, don’t ya know!

The Hysteria Continues

The Gist

The hosts of the slasher themed The Hysteria Continues are Joseph Henson, Justin Kerswell, Erik Threlfall, and Nathan Johnson. The podcast has been around for a few years and tends to release episodes on a bi-weekly schedule. Episode length appears to be around the hour and a half to two hour mark. The podcast features general film discussion, game segments, listener feedback, and usually a review of one slasher movie.

Episodes Listened To

#72: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
#72.5: The Hysteria Continues Annual Festive Quiz (2013)
#73.7: Popcorn (1991)

My Thoughts

The first episode of The Hysteria Continues I listened to was rough. The content wasn’t the problem, the production values were the issue. Skype kept cutting in and out, resulting in a maddening effect of a weird echo feedback to what the hosts were saying. Production value may not be important to some, but it matters a lot to me. Too many issues or glitches and I feel like my time is being wasted. Thankfully the hosts intimated that they were trying out new methods to resolve the issue. I realize the hosts are doing the best they can, but in all honesty if the Skype issues aren’t resolved I wouldn’t recommend the podcast to anyone.

In general I liked the content of The Hysteria Continues. I wasn’t a fan of the games, but I’m never a fan of games on podcasts unless it’s something like the games found on Doug Loves Movies. I simply don’t see the purpose of games, and nothing about them interests me. The Hysteria Continues does devote a hefty chunk of each episode to the playing of games and that did bother me.

When the hosts finally got around to discussing slasher movies I liked what I heard. They demonstrated a deep knowledge of the slasher subgenre of horror. At the same time they developed a nice back and forth style of discourse that lent itself to breezy banter. It certainly helped that I love the subgenre of the slasher film, but even with that being the case I felt the hosts of The Hysteria Continues brought meat to their discussions and I appreciated that.

As much as I enjoyed the discussions on The Hysteria Continues I struggled with whether or not to recommend the podcast to others. It is a niche podcast, so obviously if one has no interest in slasher films then there’s no reason for them to give The Hysteria Continues the time of day. The technical issues are troublesome, and it’s a must that the Skype issues be resolved or there’s no way I would recommend The Hysteria Continues to anyone. I could do without the games, but I did love the premise of the podcast and the way the hosts went about discussing slasher films. In the end my vote is to subscribe to The Hysteria Continues. That’s not a complete vote of confidence, and it is contingent on a few expectations being met. It’s only for a select group of cinephiles, but slasher fans like me should enjoy The Hysteria Continues.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson


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