Podcast Review: Night of the Living Podcast

night of the living podcast

I’m living and I’m often up at night, sounds like a perfect fit!

Night of the Living Podcast

The Gist

Night of the Living Podcast has been releasing weekly episodes since around 2006. The hosts for the about an hour and a half long episodes are Andy, Kelley, Erica, Chiz, Freddy, Amy, and a few other assorted folks from time to time. The podcast is horror, or genre, themed in nature. Each episode usually features a random review of a straight-to-video horror film by one of the hosts, as well as a group review of another film. There’s also a healthy dose of general film, and life, discussion that takes up large portions of the podcast.

Episodes Listened To

#352: The Bell Witch Haunting and Midnight Madness
#353: Errors of the Human Body and Fight Club
#354: Plus 1 and Bad Boys II

My Thoughts

I listened to Night of the Living Podcast a few years back. It’s when I was in my initial phase of discovering podcasts, and I only lasted a few episodes before I gave up on what Night of the Living Podcast had to offer. I’m not sure what my reasons were back then, but I think some of it may have had to do with my lack of exposure to the podcast medium. It was a new method of discourse for me at the time, and I was in no way accustomed to the various cadences that podcasts can present. As my podcast tastes changed and became more, ahem, refined I kept Night of the Living Podcast on the back burner. I knew it as a podcast that a lot of people loved, and I wanted to let my initial experience fade away to give the podcast its best chance at a fair shake in this column.

I’m still not sure if I fully engaged with the cadence of the hosts this time around, but I know that I will grow into their cadence. The hosts of Night of the Living Podcast have a very loose way of presenting their discussions. Essentially they say whatever they want, whenever they feel like it. I like that loose approach to podcasting, I find it to be far better for open and fruitful discussion than the strict we have a format to follow approach. The approach taken by the crew of Night of the Living Podcast does take some getting used to, and I’m still adapting to their style. That being said, the more time I spend with the podcast the more in tune I become with the discussion cadence they have adopted.

The hosts all seem pretty knowledgeable about film, and genre in general. More than that, they are knowledgeable of one another. This leads to interesting discussions as they play off of what they know about each other and use that knowledge to further their discussions. The conversations they engage in vary from in-depth to superficial, but I always felt like they were giving each film, or topic, just as much time as it needed or deserved.

The meandering approach will take some getting used to for most. However, I will say that by the third episode I listened to for this review time felt like it was flying by. That’s a testament to the quality of the discussions presented by the podcast, as well as to the camaraderie of the hosts. I can honestly say that Night of the Living Podcast is a unique podcast in the way the hosts go about engaging in conversation and presenting their viewpoints. That can be good or bad, and for me I found it to be a very good quality within the podcast.

My vote is to subscribe to Night of the Living Podcast. It’s been around for a long time and there’s reasons for why that’s the case. Night of the Living Podcast is a well-made podcast from a technical perspective. It’s also a podcast that presents a distinct approach to podcasting, and discussions that engage the listener. I’m glad I gave Night of the Living Podcast some time to disappear from my mind, because now that I’ve returned to it I can recognize just how high quality of a podcast it actually is.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson

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