Podcast Review: The GR80’s

the gr80s

Where’s the podcast about film in the 1920s, that’s what I’m looking for!

The GR80’s

The Gist

Matt, Christy, Dave, and Chris are the hosts of The GR80’s. The podcast has been around since 2010, and at this point they release episodes on a very sporadic basis. The format of the podcast is the discussion of a single film followed by the hosts providing top 5 lists based on a theme that ties into the film discussed. The catch is that the film discussed, but not the lists, has to be from the 1980s. The GR80’s is a member of the NeoZAZ.com podcast network, and episode length usually clocks in at an hour and a half.

Episodes Listened To

#42: Batman
#Unknown: Special Top 5
#43: Just One of the Guys

My Thoughts

I’ve come to not be a huge fan of snark, and that’s all that The GR80’s has to offer. Strike that, I’m not opposed to snark but I need more out of a film based podcast than just snark. The GR80’s exists to make fun of and crack one liners at and about the films they are discussing. Occasionally the hosts will try to discuss the quality of the film they are watching, but as I’ll get to later they don’t actually do that. The GR80’s delivers a very specific type of discussion, and it’s not the type of discussion that appeals to me.

My sensibilities don’t line up with a podcast where the meat of their discussion consist of saying, “I didn’t like it,” or “He sucked.” That’s the depth offered when the podcast engages in film discussion. When discussing Batman Dave chimed in with his opinion that Michael Keaton wasn’t good in the film. That’s fine, but when asked why he thought as such the best that could be offered was, “He sucked.” That’s as deep as The GR80’s was willing to go or was capable of going.

I understand that The GR80’s isn’t aiming to be a deep and thought provoking film podcast. However, when the snark isn’t working there has to be something else for the listener to latch onto. That something else isn’t present in The GR80’s, because they have nothing to bring to the table but pithy one liners. That works for some, and I don’t begrudge the snark filled humor of The GR80’s working for the avid listeners of the podcast. My vote is to unsubscribe from The GR80’s. It’s not the podcast for me, even if it may be the podcast for lots of other people.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson


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