Podcast Review: The Director’s Series

the director's series

I’m always down for a good discussion about directors!

The Director’s Series

The Gist

A member of the Podcast on Fire Network, and the newly formed All Things Film network, The Director’s Series has been releasing episodes for about three years now. Episodes are released on a sporadic basis, and they tend to be around an hour and a half to two hours in length. The two regular hosts of The Director’s Series are Kenny B. and Tom K-W, but they are joined by a guest host every now and then. The premise of the podcast is that of discussion centered around a single Asian director. A series of episodes are devoted to breaking down the filmography of a given director. To that end each episode usually features discussion of a pair of films from the director being covered.

Episodes Listened To

#10: Kirk Wong – Flash Future Kung Fu
#11: Kirk Wong – True Colours & Gunmen
#12: Kirk Wong – Taking Manhattan & Crime Story

My Thoughts

I’m already a fan of most of what the folks at Podcast on Fire Network produce, and The Director’s Series is yet another success from them. As I alluded to in the cold open I do enjoy discussions centered around directors. I’m a big believe in the Auteur theory, although I have my own take on that theory, and I put a lot of stock into the director as the voice of a film. To that end The Director’s Series is a splendid podcast. It covers a topic that interests me and it does so in an engaging and informative fashion.

There’s only one other podcast I’ve ever listened to that is centered around the director, The AuteurCast. I found The Director’s Series to be a far superior podcast than The AuteurCast for a number of reasons. The main reason is that the hosts know their stuff, but they aren’t super stuffy. Tom K-W and Kenny B. straddle the line between knowing what they are talking about and having a good time. I could tell that Misters B. and K-W enjoy doing the podcast because of the way they carried themselves on the podcast. At the same time they consistently supplied me with a wealth of knowledge and opinion on an area of film in which I am still a novice, Asian cinema.

An area where I love The Director’s Series, that may not matter as much to others, is in the films they cover. They aren’t bound to covering the films, or directors, that are viewed as the must see cinema of the Asian film industry. Rather, the approach they are taking is to cover the films, and the directors, that they are interested in. This results in a situation where they are covering big hits, arthouse fare, and everything in-between. I appreciate the variety brought to the table by The Director’s Series.

I look forward to spending more time with The Director’s Series. My vote is obviously to subscribe to the podcast. The folks at the Podcast on Fire Network rarely let me down. Once again they’ve given me a great podcast to listen to. When it comes to Asian cinema there isn’t a better resource and think tank than the Podcast on Fire Network. The Director’s Series is an enjoyable podcast and a valuable resource for great discussion and opinions on Asian cinema, and the auteurs on that side of the world.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson


2 responses to “Podcast Review: The Director’s Series

  1. You are such a sweetheart and I’m glad our work and preparation translates to a mix of fun and info to others as well. We have confidence in our product but we can’t possibly know how it plays to an external audience. This verifies we’re on to something.

    Kenny B

  2. You keep producing quality podcasts and I’ll keep writing positively about them. 🙂

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