Podcast Review: Anime World Order


My anime watching has waned mucho these days!

Anime World Order

The Gist

Anime World Order has been around for about five years now and is hosted by the trio of Daryl Surat, Gerald Rathkolb, and Clarissa Graffeo. Each month a new episode is released that is typically around an hour in length. The premise of the podcast is that of free flowing discussion centered around the world of anime. To that end the hosts will review anime shows and movies, new and old, while also chiming on on comics, toys, and other tangentially related anime topics from time to time.

Episodes Listened To

#125: Nachos Galacticos Are Off the Menu
#126: Your Options Are Sit and Watch the Show or Possibly Get Knifed
#127: You Need Credibility Before You Can Lose It

My Thoughts

Like I said in the tag line I don’t watch much anime anymore. I watched a ton of anime growing up, but nowadays I usually only check out major releases from the anime spectrum. That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t recognize quality anime talk when I hear it. Such is the case with Anime World Order, a podcast that delivers on its reputation. Though I may no longer be a part of the anime scene I was able to connect with the standards set by Anime World Order.

The three hosts being long time friends certainly helps, and their easygoing nature is infectious. Put simply, they are the sort of people one wants to sit down and talk anime with. Clarissa Graffeo, Daryl Surat, and Gerald Rathkolb know their anime, and are able to bring their knowledge to the table while still engaging in opinionated discussion. The three of them have a splendid rapport and the back and forth nature of their discussions allows all voices to be heard.

There’s no denying that Anime World Order is a niche podcast. It’s a podcast that exists only in the realm of anime, and though it rests confortably in said realm I can understand cinephiles who aren’t anime fans steering clear of Anime World Order. I’m not going to sit here and type out that I will listen to every episode of Anime World Order from here on out. I’m not a member of their target audience, but I am someone who tells it like he sees it when it comes to the quality of the podcasts I write about for this project. That’s why I have no problem telling people to subscribe to Anime World Order. If you’re not a fan of anime then this isn’t the podcast for you. However, if you enjoy anime you will love Anime World Order.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson

2 responses to “Podcast Review: Anime World Order

  1. AWO reviews anime titles from various decades and genres and aren’t at all about following every single show currently airing in Japan. Too much interesting Japanese animation gets thrown to the side because it’s either considered too old or too different looking from modern day series so I greatly appreciate them for shedding light on these titles even if my opinions don’t match up with theirs. I’m sure people who know nothing about Anime or have preconceived notions about everything that isn’t Studio Ghibli could learn something.

  2. I’m sure people who don’t know much about anime could learn something from this podcast, I made sure to mention that in my review. Still, they are a niche podcast and only those who do watch anime or have an interest in learning more about anime will get something out of the podcast.

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