Podcast Review: Better in the Dark

better in the dark

The dark is better for some things, I’ll give them that much!

Better in the Dark

The Gist

The hosts of Better in the Dark are Thomas Deja and Derrick Ferguson. The podcast has been around for about five years now, and tends to release episodes on a somewhat bi-weekly schedule. Episode length is around an hour, and the discussions tend to focus on genre cinema.

Episodes Listened To

#158: The Badass with the Bladed Heart – The Career of Danny Trejo
#158.5: We used to Be Fans – The Veronica Mars Movie, the Expanded Universe, and Geek Jealousy
#159: The House that Challenged Hammer – An Appreciation of Amicus Pictures

My Thoughts

I don’t have any big problems with Better in the Dark. Well, that’s not true, the podcast does suffer greatly from the low audio quality. Not sure why the audio for the podcast is so bad, but I often felt like I was listening to two guys having a conversation over old transistor radios. To some this will seem like a petty complaint. I can understand why audio quality isn’t a big issue for most, but when you listen to the amount of podcasts I have for this project it is something that matters. In that regard Better in the Dark left a lot to be desired.

Back to my original point though, outside of audio issues I don’t have any true problems with Better in the Dark. The hosts both seem like nice enough blokes and they have a considerable amount of film knowledge. The content covered and the issues the hosts tackled were not problems for me. The problem I had with Better in the Dark was that it never floored me, or wowed me in a way that I had been hoping for. I wanted the discussions to be more engaging, but for whatever reason I never felt the level of engagement I had been hoping for.

I understand that my criticisms of Better in the Dark are my own. I didn’t connect with the podcast in the way I wanted. My vote is going to be to unsubscribe from Better in the Dark. At the same time it’s a podcast that plenty of people would, and should, enjoy. Better in the Dark has a pair of quality hosts and they do discuss movies and topics that cinephiles are interested in. It may not have clicked with me, but Better in the Dark is not a podcast to avoid and others mileage may vary when it comes to this particular podcast.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson

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