Podcast Review: Cinema Diabolica


I can get behind diabolical cinema!

Cinema Diabolica

The Gist

DZ and F13 are the hosts of Cinema Diabolica. New episodes are released on a monthly, or close to monthly, schedule. Said episodes come in at a little over an hour in length. The format of the show is that of reviews of a pair of movies from a specific year from a specific decade, and a review of a film from some type of marathon. In its current incarnation Cinema Diabolica has been around for close to a year, but in reality the podcast has been around for a long time with a two or three year hiatus tossed into the mix. Cinema Diabolica is a member of the Pop Syndicate family of podcasts.

Episodes Listened To:

#Unknown: Diabolical Decades 1970 – The Return
#Unknown: Diabolical Decades 1971
#Unknown: Diabolical Decades 1972

My Thoughts

It would be harsh to say I don’t like Cinema Diabolica. That’s not entirely true, it’s just not a podcast that stood out to me in any way. Based on the content and approach I was instantly reminded of podcasts like The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema and Silva & Gold. The problem is that both of those podcasts are leagues better than Cinema Diabolica. My main issue is that Cinema Diabolica is so much like those two podcasts but comes up short when stacked against said podcasts.

The comparison to The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema comes into play in terms of films covered and the way that Cinema Diabolica goes about covering their content. The hosts of Cinema Diabolica seem like they know their stuff, but DZ and F13 never go beneath the surface. In the end that’s their approach and it works for them and their many listeners, but it didn’t work for me. They very much like to live on the surface of a movie, but one of the things I love about The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema is how it’s a podcast willing to dig deep into movies that most people would think of as all surface. That’s what I look for in the film related podcasts I listen to, as surface discussion does very little for me.

The Silva & Gold comparison comes about in the comedy, or fun, aspects of Cinema Diabolica. Silva & Gold tackles the same sort of movies as Cinema Diabolica, but I find their approach to be a lot more fun to listen to. Misters DZ and F13 have a very dry sense of humor. I usually like dry humor, but for whatever reason the humor in Cinema Diabolica episodes didn’t make me laugh. Contrast that with a Silva & Gold episode where I am constantly amused by the banter between Loaf and Dr. Zom. I don’t need for a podcast to be funny, but when it tries to be funny and isn’t, that’s a big hurdle that I can’t get past.

It may seem like I’m slagging off Cinema Diabolica. I understand it’s a podcast with a bevy of devoted listeners. Myabe if I had been around during the first incarnation of Cinema Diabolica I would have enjoyed the podcast more. But I wasn’t and I can only go on the impression this incarnation of the podcast left on me. In a world that has a top flight podcast like The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema, and really fun podcast like Silva & Gold, it’s hard for a podcast like Cinema Diabolica to resonate and stick with the listener. My vote is to unsubscribe from Cinema Diabolica. I know that most of my readers listen to Cinema Diabolica; I wish you and the hosts all the best, but Cinema Diabolica wasn’t the podcast for me.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson

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