Podcast Review: Taiwan Noir


A country I have seen very little from!

Taiwan Noir

The Gist

Only around for a few months now, Taiwan Noir is yet another podcast from the Podcast on Fire Network of podcasts, as well as the All Things Film podcasting network. As the title alludes to this podcast focuses mainly on Taiwanese films, in the form of a pair of in-depth reviews and shorter blurbs about any other Taiwanese films the hosts have recently watched. Speaking of the hosts, they are Podcast on Fire Network regular Kenny B. and Todd Stadtman. Episodes are released on a sporadic schedule, but they are released regularly. Said episodes can clock in anywhere from an hour and a half to over two hours in length.

Episodes Listened To

#11: Virago & The Anger
#12: The Ghostly Face & Little Hero
#13: Devil Returns & Kill For Love

My Thoughts

Taiwan cinema is not a strong suit of mine. I will freely admit that I have seen very little in the way of cinema from that country. Still, it is an area of cinema that I do hope to explore further in the future. Keeping that in mind I can’t think of a better resource to help guide me in my Taiwanese journeys than Taiwan Noir. It is a niche podcast, but it’s a very well done and informative niche podcast, which makes it a winner.

I’ve written extensively in the past about Kenny B., but this is my first exposure to Todd Stadtman. What I’ve said in the past about Mr. B also holds true for Mr. Stadtman. Both men demonstrate great knowledge of Taiwanese film, the culture of Taiwan, and relay their knowledge in a way that the listener can easily connect with. There were times when I worried that Taiwan Noir was coming close to being too dry, but every time I thought that would happen the hosts would go off on some sort of energy fueled rant about a film. Knowledge is great, but I don’t like listening to a dictionary being read, and the hosts of Taiwan Noir are skilled enough that I was engaged throughout all three episodes.

Taiwan Noir is a podcast for a select group of cinephiles. Only those who want to explore Asian cinema beyond the tried and true countries of South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and China need apply. I think Taiwan Noir is the sort of podcast that any cinephile should enjoy. They cover every type of Taiwanese film one could imagine, and in doing so they open up the world of Taiwan cinema to the listener. Still, if one doesn’t have much interest in Taiwanese cinema then obviously Taiwan Noir is not going to be a podcast they should make time for.

My vote is to subscribe to Taiwan Noir, it’s yet another high quality podcast from the folks at Podcast on Fire Network. A pair of knowledgeable and enthusiastic hosts combine with interesting content and high production values to deliver a podcast worth taking the time to listen to. If you’re like me and want to get to know Taiwan cinema then there’s no reason that Taiwan Noir shouldn’t be your field guide.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson

2 responses to “Podcast Review: Taiwan Noir

  1. Thank you so much again, Bill for taking time to review one of our shows and for the kind words. It’s truly appreciated. More than you know.

  2. No problem Ken, thanks for the kind words in return. 🙂

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