Podcast Review: Films & Swearing


Not as much swearing as one would think actually!

Films & Swearing

The Gist

Stewart Sutherland and Andrew Walker are the hosts of Films & Swearing, and every week they release an episode that comes in at around an hour in length. The format of the podcast is that of discussion centered around one movie every week, although the show is peppered with random tangents not related to the movie in question. Films & Swearing has been around since mid-2014.

Episodes Listened To

#13: Psycho (1960)
#14: Young Frankenstein (1974)
#15: Schindler’s List (1993)

My Thoughts

Stewart Sutherland and Andrew Walker are nice chaps. Unfortunately they don’t bring forth the sort of discussion I look for in my movie podcasts. There’s nothing actively wrong with Films & Swearing. I appreciate the format, enjoy the friendly nature of the hosts, but I can’t get into their discussions. There’s plenty good about Films & Swearing, just not enough to make me want to keep listening week after week.

My main issue with Films & Swearing is that so much of their discussions are plot based. I’m not a big fan of that approach, in fact I regularly tune out whenever a podcast starts to take on that role too much. Such was the case with Films & Swearing, as I often found myself tuning out very quickly during the episodes I listened to for this review. I didn’t really want to do that because I could tell that Misters Sutherland and Walker were presenting a show that was fun to them. But, it wasn’t for me, and ultimately that has to be how I gauge what podcasts I continue listening to or recommend.

My vote is to unsubscribe from Films & Swearing. That’s not a malicious vote mind you. I really don’t have any lasting issues with Misters Sutherland and Walker, or the podcast they produce on a weekly basis. Others will probably like their plot based approach to the movies. They will be drawn in by the “where are they now?” segment that follows every movie. I wasn’t, and that’s why I know that though the hosts are nice guys their podcast isn’t the podcast for me. I’ve been told in the past that the “it wasn’t for me” justification is a weak one, but sometimes it fits and this is a case, and a podcast, where that justification is quite apt.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson

2 responses to “Podcast Review: Films & Swearing

  1. I’m with you on the plot-based podcasts too. I only have one in my podcast shortlist and it’s mainly because I really enjoy the hosts and have talked with them on other podcasts including my own. There’s just so much more to a film than its plot, even for the terrible movies.

  2. Yeah, describing plot is one of my major pet peeves.

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