This Week in Cinema: September 07-13, 2014


Those darn mountain people!

Still only one movie this week, but one is better than none,

Heidi (1937, Allan Dwan, United States of America) ***

On the whole Heidi is too sweet, too easy, and just too of everything. That being said, Shirley Temple can really command the screen. It’s not that she imbues her character with layers or anything like that. Rather, she attracts the camera and it’s easy to see why the film revolves around her. In just about every possible way Heidi is a pedestrian film, but it does have the charming performance of Miss Temple to fall back on. Can a movie that depends solely on one performer still be good? In the case of Heidi the answer is yes.


With only one movie this week it’s no secret that Heidi takes home movie of the week honors. Until next week, watch more movies!

Bill Thompson


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