This Week in Cinema: September 29-30, 2014

captain america the winter soldier

I’m a soldier, maybe in the winter, or maybe not!

Only one movie this week,

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014, Anthony & Joe Russo, United States of America) ***1/2

I am biased, I will get that out of the way right now. I love the Captain America character, pretty much without question. Seeing Chris Evans and company get the character in the way that they did had me smiling throughout the entire movie. The action is well filmed, the conspiracy is laid out nicely, and the modern problem of the loss of privacy is given a pretty good look over, albeit it stops short of being a great look over. This isn’t a perfect movie, but it’s a damn great one; highly enjoyable, and engaging throughout. Call me a sucker for the Cap if you must, but I could watch Chris Evans’ Captain America do his thing all the time.


Even if this were a week where there were a lot of movies Captain America: The Winter Soldier would be a film in the running for top honors. As it stands it’s the only movie, so Captain America: The Winter Soldier takes home movie of the week honors in a no contest. Until next week, watch more movies!

Bill Thompson

4 responses to “This Week in Cinema: September 29-30, 2014

  1. I am not a huge fan of Captain America, he was one of my least favorite characters when I was reading comic (next to Aquaman). But this last movie was wonderful. Not only entertaining, but thoughtful and cynical and hopeful all in one. I honestly can’t wait to see the next Cap movie!

  2. I had my reservations about this, I didn’t know how the franchise would deal with the loss of Johnston. But, the second installment more than took care of my reservations.

  3. I was also really impressed with the Winter Soldier when I finally caught up with it a few weeks ago. It has an immediacy that you don’t feel with some of the other Marvel films, and I’ve liked many of them. Chris Evans is really well cast as Captain America.

  4. Indeed he is, and he’s an actor I haven’t been too fond of in the past. He used to come across to me like a robot lacking any charisma, but as Cap he oozes charisma, it’s perplexing.

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