This Week in Cinema: November 30-December 06, 2014

ultimate avengers

I like my Avengers nice and normal, thank you very much!

Only one movie this week,

Ultimate Avengers (2006, Curt Geda & Steven E. Gordon, United States of America) **

It’s hard to get the concept of the Avengers wrong, but this movie comes pretty close. It’s far too rote and far too willing to move from scene to scene in too quick of a fashion. The animation doesn’t help matters as it comes across as rushed and sometimes unfinished. There are moments of fun, and a few small stretches feel like an epic comic book movie. On the whole though Ultimate Avengers is far too plain and willing to tow the mediocre line to be anything special.


It may be mediocre but Ultimate Avengers is the only movie this week and that’s why it takes home movie of the week honors. Until next week, watch more movies!

Bill Thompson


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