Podcast Review: SequelCommentary


Commentary based podcasts are always hit or miss!


The Gist

Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher are the hosts of SequelCommentary. There’s no set release schedule for episodes, they come out whenever the gents find a movie they want to provide commentary for. Episode length depends on what they are reviewing. And, the podcast has been around for about two years. It’s an offshoot of Sequelcast, and is a member of the both the SequelCast Network and the Battleship Pretension fleet of podcasts. The premise is s a simple one, the hosts choose movies they want to provide running commentary for and they provide said commentary.

Episodes Listened To

#17: Batman: The Movie
#18: Street Fighter
#19: Buttons and Rusty: The Turkey Caper

My Thoughts

Commentary based podcasts are tough to pull off. In the end they all come down to whether or not the hosts provide an interesting backdrop to the films they are watching. Even moreso, it comes down to whether or not the movies being commentated upon are of interest to the listener. Those are the two most important factors in a commentary based podcast, and those are the two elements I used when deciding whether or not to keep listening to a commentary based podcast.

In the case of SequelCommentary, I came away iffy on the movies covered. I looked through their entire catalog, and on the whole they covered a lot of movies I have no desire to hear a commentary for. That’s a me thing, it’s not something that can be held against the podcast or the hosts in any way. They are going to pick the movies that interest them, and that’s what is best for their podcast. However, from my end I rarely saw a film that I wanted to hear the hosts comment on, and that’s not an incentive to keep listening.

That brings us to the content of SequelCommentary. On the whole I didn’t have many problems with the discussions brought to the table by Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher. They were having fun talking about movies in a way that seemed to fit them. Still, I didn’t personally find much of their commentary all that enjoyable. It’s the sort of commentary that will appeal to some, but it didn’t appeal to me. That’s kind of a big deal when it comes to whether or not I stick with a podcast.

My vote is to unsubscribe from SequelCommentary. It’s not a bad podcast, but it’s not my type of podcast. Those who enjoy the movies being covered will inevitably get more out of the podcast. I didn’t though, and that’s where the disconnect between myself and SequelCommentary began. It grew larger throughout the actual commentary, and by the time I finished listening to all three episodes I knew I wouldn’t keep listening to SequelCommentary. Others mileage will certainly vary, but SequelCommentary is not the podcast for me.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson

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